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    De Jazz is almost ready for the winter. In 10 days she goes for the annual service and APK (MOT) where she will be checked over and getting fresh oil, a new oil filter, along with other things my brother-in-law finds necessary to keep her in tip-top condition.
    For the winter wheels we wait a little longer as it’s still summer here. :Wink:

    But my job is almost finished. It was a joy to be outside this week, so i spent two free afternoons to clean and protect the car before this lovely weather is gone.
    After a thorough wash the car was clayed and re-washed to remove the extent of clay-lube.
    Then the paint was polished with a paint cleaner and protected with two coats sealant.
    Plastic, rubber window/door seals were done with a water-based vinyl- and rubber dressing.

    Products used:
    - CarPro Reset car shampoo
    - Dodo Juice Supernatural Fine Detailing clay
    - Wolf's Chemicals Mean Green (rinseless wash, but diluted as clay lube)
    - Poorboys World Professional Polish (cleaner polish without abrasives)
    - Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax (sealant) - 1st coat
    - Smartwax Smart Sealant (got this bottle from a friend who didn’t like it...) - 2nd coat next day
    - Finish Kare #350 Super Polymer Body Safe Tire Dressing (water-based)
    - Frosch Bio Spirit Glass Cleaner
    - Frosch pH Neutral Universal Cleaner (APC: all purpose cleaner)

    I ordered new wipers for the back and front and install those after this weekend.

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    A very satisfying job.
    I will be doing my cars soon.
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    An excellent job as always @jazzway :salute: :clap:
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    As good as new! Well done, and yup it's pre-winter clean time!