ICE & HFT AUX input on the radio - 3sao

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    Hi all and I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand times already, but I've searched and searched all over the internet and I honestly can't find a definitive answer. My Wife has a 2nd Generation CR-V with the 3sao radio in it and she (or rather my Daughter) wants to plug in her phone to listed to her music. The radio has a CD/AUX button which I presume will give you the option to either listed to a CD or to listed to an auxiliary device plugged in, but there is nowhere in the radio to plug anything in.

    So, is there a cable to plug in the back or is there a hidden socket somewhere that would take a 3.5mm jack or similar?

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    I believe like my Jazz there is the capability in the radio but it will require additional equipment to run. With regards to Jazz, this is the device that can be plugged into the CD changer socket in the back of the head unit.
    This enables you to use either AUX or USB to supply mp3s to the system.

    I am sure CR-V owners will give you specific advice but as far as provision of AUX button goes, doesnt necessarily mean the port is there and it might requires additional equipment to work
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