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    @Members please see below our revamped Awards which recognise the cars, modifications, contributions, commitment and help which members give to one another.

    There are four awards in total as follows :
    DIY of the Month inv_honda-award_medal_diy.Being the community which this is, full of car enthusiasts, we welcome and actively encourage DIYs from members as it helps give valuable information to people who perhaps do not already understand the concept of repairing a certain part of their car. The DIY award is therefore given to the most comprehensive DIY created, with pictures, clearly explained, tools required etc. Think of what you would like to see in a DIY, if you didn't know how to do a certain job.AdHoc
    Car of the Month inv_honda-award_medal_car.This is recognition of a car which you have worked on, put your blood, sweat and tears into it. Its all about modifications, mechanical work, condition, complete restorations which you have done etc. which just makes the car stand out.Monthly
    Member of the Month inv_honda-award_medal_member.This is recognition for a member who has gone above what is normally expected. Helping others, providing valuable information about cars, troubleshooting, ideas etc. It is a recognition for those who have assisted this community in being a better place for all.AdHoc
    Thread of the Month inv_honda-award_medal_thread.What is the best overall thread of the month? The most interesting topic, what's everyone been discussing most?AdHoc
    Nominees for COTM will be chosen by the HondaKarma 'Evangelists', and the vote will take place during the final week of each month. We're looking for project logs and 'photos that are comprehensive and regularly updated to help and inspire other members, as well as great cars.
    At the end of each year, the twelve monthly winners (December - November) will go through to an overall 'Car of the Year' vote."

    We also have an additional award given out in special circumstances:
    Evangelist inv_honda-award_medal_evangelist.This is a special VIP medal known as the "Evangelists". Member's with this award have access to a special hidden section with insider Honda gossip and a lax rule set. Only moderators, admins and club affiliates (such as Holdcroft Honda) have access to this without being manually granted access. It's where many of us discuss privately about things we may not want on the open board, or insider information that isn't allowed to be made public.
    This award is given to long-time members who have consistently gone above and beyond for the club and its members.
    So, come on all, show us your cars, your modifications, your DIY's or anything else that you feel could be of benefit to the members of this club. Above all get involved with the Club and have fun !
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