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    Felipe's B-series powered 1991 Honda CR-X is a bit of a legend in Chile— well known for slaying supercars without breaking a sweat

    Unless you're a local, this aggressive black Honda CR-X race track times of 52.05 at Pacifico Sport, and 1:10.88 at Autodroma Interlomas probably doesn't mean much to you, though it should. You see, both locations are based in Chile, where owner Felipe Gaete Moran resides, and both locations happen to house very competitive racetracks that cater to time attack events. Still, unless you've actually driven on these tracks yourself, the times are nothing more than a few digits, right? Well, just to give you an idea of how impressive those digits really are; similar lap times are reserved for tuned R35s and modified Porsche 997s on slicks. What's even more impressive is the fact that Felipe's CR-X slays dragons with a mere high compression B-series powerplant and a full blown obsession with finding the perfect balance of power, handling, and driver ability.

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