Pre-Purchase Baby's first car, immigrant edition

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    Hello everyone and thanks for having me on the forum. So after 2 years of living in the UK I'm finally going to be able to buy my first car and my choice came to the EP2. First and foremost my question is (and I know this sounds dumb) is that my budget is around 1200£ tops , or ~1500 with any urgent repairs. Can I even get a car in a reasonable, decent state for that amount of money? Reason I'm asking cuz on sites like autotrader the prices go from 700 to 2500 even for some ads and me being a foreigner I'm completely confused/uninformed on the UK car market. Gumtree seems more reasonable with ads around 1200, but I'd like to hear you more experienced reassure or correct me, than relying completely on my own guesswork.

    Apart from that I read the FAQ and saw to look out for faulty steering racks and clutches, apart from the timing belt and water pump. Btw how can I identify the former 2? Is there any specific symptoms, especially in the clutch? Also anything else I might need to look out for?

    Thanks in advance for your help I really appreciate it!
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    look up the gearbox bearing issues. wasn't something i was aware of until my sister in law's Jazz failed recently
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