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    ok so, was driving home Monday night and was really, really close to home and on turn there was this black ICE patch and:Aghast:...
    so ended up hitting the kerb, well not really hitting, smashed into the kerb passenger side then slid right and the car parked itself onto the other side of the street... so got out of the car and there it was :no:.. the damage, luckily the impact damaged the alloy and broke lower control arm and the car couldn't move..
    so, left it there and walked home, then next day assessed the damage and was feeling brave so got a new lemforder lower control arm and spent whole day today outside on the street in this freezing weather and finally changed it :biceps:..
    and then when was, very happy got into the car and bam, the car wouldn't start, turning the engine all ok, battery all ok but just not starting..
    then i realised, when i turn the ignition to on just before starting, i don't hear the fuel pump going :depressed:
    have read somewhere that this could be a way to protect the car after an incident, the car automatically cuts fuel supply to help prevent a fire after an impact..
    all else looks fine and the air bags weren't deployed either.. so, what could it be or how to i get it running again..
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    oh cheers for that.. will take a look
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    Cut off valve reset button is somewhere underneat the dash, around steering column but don't know exact place...
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    cheers @Ichiban alot for sharing that link... u :mosh:sir
    that was the issue, she's all started up and back in action:jumpup:
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    @JapCar yes, it was right next to the accelerator towards the left, so between gas and brake pedal... easily done
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    Is it visible/accessible without removing the cover there? Is there cutt off valve on both petrol and diesel cars?
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    Is this for petrol only or does the diesel model have it as well.
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    Page 359 of the manual show its in the diesels as well, above the clutch pedal under the console.
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    Sorry for late reply, yes it was easily accessible without removing any covers, not sure if it's the same for diesel
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    a big shout out to @louckie for the Type-R rims.. she looks lovely now..
    pics will come soon, just need to get her hunter aligned and CLEANED
    - - - Updated - - -
    I know being overexcited but Type-R rims :jumpup:
    Never thought I would be able to justify a change of already nice looking CL7 rims
    but the crash did
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    anyone got an idea of how much a sub-frame for this accord is for and how difficult it is change?
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    been extremely busy with sorting stuff out and sending family abroad for their(mine) holidays and now time to sort little issues with the car..
    now first off, it's suddenly started causing slight pulsation/vibration when braking even gently.. more noticable when applying gently, which needs sorting out, so will be jacking the car up today to check, any ideas?
    next, you know the snow accident, well after the accident, replaced the lower control arm(as the impact caused it to break) and after that the car was pulling to the left alot and i had to tilt the steering to drive it straight.. so went in to the hunter alignment place, and the chap there was kind enough to not charge me anything, as he said he couldn't do the alignment because of either kink in the subframe or bent steering knuckle.. but he wasn't sure so the said to get both parts, yeah right... so came back.. drive the car for a few days, infact did a 200 mile round trip in that condition and then came back and tried another alignmnet shop, they had basic sort of laser alignment, so he did that and didn't say anything... but he did correct the steering and did mention that tracking was miles off..
    oh well, so been driving it since then and now have done another around 1500mile trip without any issues, apart from car obviously pulling slightly to the left and the brake judder problem it developed on my way back from scotland.. but she didn't give us any problems while going around loch lomond, even went as far as inverary..
    as for the subframe, i had a visual(nooby) look and couldn't see signs of being bent..
    now my question is, can subframe get bent if you've a side impact.. keeping in mind the side impact broke passenger side rim and lower control arm?