ICE & HFT Bad echo on hands free

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    Hi all

    I have Tourer 4 odd months now but only this week have i got round to enabling bluetooth for hands free call. I had this on my previous 8th Generation and everything was 100%. However, on this car the person calling the driver seems to hear a bad echo of themselves, the driver doesn't hear it and the quality is fine.

    Any ideas if i can do anything about this? I've tried adjusting the speaker volume but with the minimum volume (to be able to hear the caller) there is an echo so i don't think turning it down is a solution otherwise i won't be able to hear them! :Smile:


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    No takers?
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    I've no idea on this one sorry.

    I'm not even sure where the mic is for the HFT but maybe the mic is dislodged and facing somewhere where it shouldn't.