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    I thought in this day and age car garages would have cleaned up there act but it appears not. After giving my 7th Generation accord lpg a service and a tappet set it thanked me by putting it,s em light on LPG being the culprit.
    As you need a laptop to set them up i booked it in to my local lpg fitting and service centre to have a gas service and set up and 1 hose to be replaced.
    I told them they could have the car for as long as they needed it as i was using a company car this turned out to be 2 weeks. I got a call to say the car was done and my wife collected it and it stood for a few days as i was away at work.
    Sunday i gave the car a run and noticed the gas switch was showing 4 lights as apposed to the 1 that it showed when i took it in but the gas out warning alarm was singing away so i checked the guage on the tank that showed empty so i filled up with lpg and the car now ran on gas and showed 4 lights but by the time i had done 10 miles i was down to 1 light. other problems were to show up more of that later.
    Phoned up the garage monday morning and he told me to call in on my way home from work and he would reset the gas guage so i called in that afternoon he told me it would not take long with the lap top to set it up so i asked him if the laptop would change the filter and hose the he had charged me for and not fitted hmm. Poor old apprentice got the blame for that.
    Car is all fixed now and running fine but they will not see my car again in a hurry. Being a mechanic myself i know lots of small garages that are very good and go the extra mile to make sure they stay that way so if you find one look after him or her.
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    There is always going to be those "bad garages" but sometimes genuine mistakes do happen. One thing I will say is that there are also bad customers (I am not implying you are by the way) Case in point is my very own sister. I told her to take her car to The Garage (yes its called that) to get her car MOT'ed, it failed for various reasons, she had the work done. Next minute she is blaming him for all sorts of other things going wrong with her car, like the clutch bearing squealing because its worn out. She keeps insisting that its the garage owners fault its broken as "he must have done something to it" and won't have it that its simply worn out. She even went as far that she was gonna put it all over facebook that its a bad garage, However when my sister gets a gob on, that's it, its everyone elses fault and she can't be told/reasoned with.
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    LPG Garages seem to be worse than normal garages, they seem to be more concerned with making a quick buck than doing the job properly or pleasing customers.
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    They don't have as much competition, so some of them don't see any point in delivering decent service.