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    I took the car down to a local paint/body shop today and asked them to look at the paintwork... where the tree sap was all over the car, it's damaging the clear coat/lacquer underneath. He had a good look and said it wasn't tree sap, he thinks it's been parked up under a roof or next to a roof that's dripping all over the car. Maybe a car port with a leaky roof or something. It's more tar like than sap... and whilst it does come of with some of the autoglym tar remover.. The damage to the lacquer is permanent.

    I asked it it was work going over it with a clay bar and he said no, I asked if it can be touched up and he said no, it would stick out like a sore thumb and he wouldn't do a half :wait: job.... So I asked if a rub down and new clear coat would fix it... and the answer was no once again. It needs redoing completely... which is a £2500 job.

    I only paid £1650 for the car, it's not worth respraying it... So I'll stick with the original plan, clay bar it to get as much of the residue of as possible and then touch up the few dozen spots and get it mopped professionally. It won't be perfect, bit I imagine I can live with it, if I leave it as it is, the lacquer is just going to peel further.

    Still got the bonnet, centre part of the roof and front wings to finish off. I'll get a couple of clay bars ordered and see how it comes up after that... It's been a few years since I did any paintwork, so I'll be needing a refresher course in DIY touchups.

    On the bright side... I can't make it any worse than it is... sure they might be visible to a keen eye, but from 10-15ft back you've got too look really hard to see them... But catch it in the right light/angle and the jump out at you and it's worse on the drivers side than the nearside... and I imagine the roof and bonnet will be really bad because that's where the concentration is. I might actually spring for a rub down and respray on those, but do it panel by panel as I can afford it.

    Feeling a little annoyed at the moment... but there's nothing I can do about it now. Live with it or repair it, that's all I can do.
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    Ah man that's not what you want to hear.

    Is there any way of polishing it, so the patches blend in then give it all a few good coats of wax ?
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    That's kinda what I'm hoping will happen when I clay bar it, fill the spots that are lifted and get it properly mopped. I'll do one panel and see how it goes... but I'm kinda expecting that I'll need to respray the bonnet at the very least... but stuff like that is way down the road into next year.
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    Sorry to read what's happened.