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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Paul, Sunday 29th Jul, 2012.

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    Well what a week!

    Busy at work, people off sick and with the start of the Olympics no ones here!

    Then to add to then my 7 year old son initially sprained his wrist on a kids play assault course. We left it over night before he was still complaining so took him to a miunor injuries unit. They thought it was sprained but xrayed it. He's only gone and broken his arm, the break as well was a nasty one. We then had to go to the LGi where they wanted to admit him for surgery. It was my wifes birthday and they weren't planning on operating until the following day so we brought him home. Back the following day and a 5 hour wait for surgery. He came round after his general and his full arm is now in poit. What a great start to the 6 week holidays! poor little lad. Throughout it all the only pain rel;ief he had was two spoonfulls of Calopol. Hard or what!??

    Right back to work today for a rest (not).

    On the good news though i managed to email our Romanian member the stock map for his Accord so hopefully he'll get that sorted.
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    wow Paul its one extreme to another for you...Hope Joseph is not in a lot of pain,the joys of parenting do have their pitfalls.

    I remember a similar situation with my daughter when she had chicken pox and it was really aggressive and I was off work too!!