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    My Tourer is currently sat on the drive doing nothing as the starter motor died last month and I don't have the cash available (or the time) to get it replaced. I've got another car now that I use as a daily driver and will be selling the Accord once the starter motor gets replaced.

    Anyway, meanwhile the battery has gone completely flat so I had to unlock the car using the key rather than with the remote fob. I could hear a relay clicking on and off (I assume it's the alarm relay) and it stopped when I disconnected the negative battery lead.

    I won't be charging the battery and reconnecting the lead until the starter motor gets replaced.

    My question is this: once the charged battery gets connected, I assume the alarm will start blaring. Is there a procedure needed to disable it at that point? I've read conflicting answers on the Web about needing to use the key in the lock and locking/unlocking the car via the remote.

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    I think you just switch it off by locking and unlocking using the remote fob.
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    No it won't stop.

    Best way that I have found to stop it in that exact situation is to sit in the car, start the engine (it will start), then without moving (no joke) stop the engine and remove the key and lock with the button on the fob. Then put the key back in and start the engine again, then very carefully (still without moving) unlock the doors with the button in the driver's door. When I say "without moving" I mean do not move except for slow limited movement below the right elbow.

    Other than that, you can leave it blaring away and it will stop after 10 attempts (alarms are supposed to do that). But even then, it may start again as soon as you open the door, and that includes trying the fob from outside. In my experience of this (on several occasions) you have to sit in the car and fool it from inside with the engine running.
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    By all means disconnect the battery to stop the alarm going off, but don't leave it flat- lead acid batteries need to be stored fully charged.
    When you come back to it, you'll struggle to get it to hold a charge.

    Chapter and verse:
    "When a lead acid battery is fully or partially discharged, lead sulphate forms at the electrodes. If the battery is allowed to remain for a prolonged period in a discharged state or with a very low state of charge the lead sulphate may form into large crystals which are very difficult to convert back into lead and sulphuric acid by the charging process. The formation of these crystals is called sulphation and causes a permanent loss of capacity of the battery. To avoid this problem lead acid batteries should therefore only be stored in a fully charged condition and the charge should be topped up from time to time during storage to compensate for the self discharge of the cells."
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    For the sake of continuity, Speedy was right:
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    So did you keep your battery charged up?
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    That happened to my accord some time ago I didn't have a clue and just used the buttons on the key and it worked.
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    I had the battery out of the car for a while. I just charged it up for a couple of days with my optimate battery charger, connected it back to the car and stopped the alarm going off with my key fob.