Electrical & Lights Battery problem?

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    I have a fault with my FR-V that my electrics analysis garage is struggling to find the source of.
    It usually (but not exclusively) happens first thing in the morning. The central locking will not work from the key fob, and when the door is then unlocked manually the alarm sounds. I have to drive the car around for 5 or 10 mins with the alarm sounding the whole time before it stops, i can then pull over and use the fob to lock/unlock the car again, it is then (apart from one occassion) ok until the next day.
    Electrics analyst said the fault was probably in the fob so tried changing the battery in the fob, no joy, was then advised to buy a new fob , again no joy (and £100 down).
    My uneducated guess would be that the problem is not the fob! Does anyone have any ideas on where the problem lies and how to sort it?
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