Electrical & Lights Battery terminals grease?

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    I am about to fit a new battery for winter motoring (Holdcroft Honda still doing a good price) On the instructions that came with the battery it says grease battery posts with acid free grease! what grease? I've always greased the outside of the terminals with petroleum jelly but is this suitable for the battery post?


  2. Zebster Guest

    No idea if it's recommended, but I used Vaseline on mine. Seems OK...
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    Copper grease is what we always used in my Army days so I stick by that now it's fine.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Petroleum Jelly is the best,cooper grease is just so wrong on battery terminals.
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    Can't understand why I said this got copper grease on my mind at the time probably cause I'm going to take the alloys off the accord this week and clean and grease them before winter and I need some copper grease.
    Sorry petroleum jelly is what you need.
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