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    Does an LPG converted need substantiallly more juice in battery. I ask because I had to replace a dead battery 5 months ago (lpg comversion 1 year old at that time).

    Now I've noticed the lights seem more dim and the crankup time is a few seconds longer than nornora (maybe just the cold weather). Just swapped the battery around today like for like Bosch (S4 158) from EuroCarParts.

    Still lights feel dim and crankup a bit long. My question is:

    Could i fit a wider battery (175mm thick Yuasa) into my compartment as the measurement in my batt compartment feels a bit tight. The other option would be a thinner Yuasa which is exact size as the OEM but the rating is only 48mah and 400cca. Whereas the thivker one is 60mah and 560cca...

    Any thoughts/suggestions/answers.

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    LPG components, injectors, solenoids and ECU do add a little extra load to the car but it's not a significant amount at all.

    If your alternator is working correctly a 48Ah battery should be plenty sufficient to do the job. I have always had a standard OEM sized battery on my LPG converted Accord without any issues what so ever.

    @DeviateDefiant has fitted a 77Ah Bosch S5 battery to his Accord you can read more details on this here Accord/7th Generation - Defiant's 2.4 Type-S ('03 Pre-Facelift) | Page 9
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    Thanks for that Speedy