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    Here's our first special offer for Honda Karma members.

    10% off all BC Racing coilovers - plus we're already 5-10% cheaper than retail!

    That's a bit of a saving right?

    BC Racing are a very well respected coilover manufacturer, known to go out of their way to cater to individual requirements. Not long back they came up with new custom coilovers for @tviracing and company for the 1st Generation Civics - you don't find many manufacturer producing new parts for 40 year old cars on request.
    • Custom Spring Rates - any rating you want, there's always a few default configurations you can choose from, but for BC will produce custom springs for your applications.
    • Massive range of applications, including all common UK Honda models, and many JDM imports. Even CR-V owners are loved.
    We're an official UK dealer, providing full warranty with all purchases. Lead time is dependant on model, some will ship in 3-4 days, others with custom spring ratings can take up to a couple of weeks to be made up, we'll message and let people know as required.

    Discount Code: BCKARMA​

    There's so many different variations offered, we don't quite have them all on our website yet - if your particular model is listed on BC Racing's website but not our own yet, just comment below and we'll get it added in. BC's website is also a good place to look up common spring ratings if you're unsure what's best for your application.

    Offer Expires: 30th June - 9 Days

    Need any help or advice? Just ask below.
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    First set sold this morning, thank you to buyer! Feel free to share your views when they arrive.
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    slim london
    my personal experience with BC coilovers is top shelf
    myself and a small team worked with BC racing to develop a set of coilover for the 1st Generation eb1 Civics ,the company is thorough and left no stone unturned
    i did most of the testing and set ups the success led to the development for high and low sets and eventually a usa spec for the cvcc models
    1st class company with an excellent finished product
    a performance product for an excellent price

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