General Beep - nothing - Beep Intermittent Horn (on the car)

Discussion in '7th Generation (2001-2005)' started by Moss, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016.

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    Press steering wheel; centre to sound the horn! Nothing; try again = nothing; try a different position on the steering wheel; success! Never seems to be in the same place on the centre steering wheel horn press. Sometimes it works on the top left; or bottom right; or top right or bottom left - occasionally it will work in the centre! This can be frustrating at times; especially when you really need to sound the horn quickly. Anyone else experience this??

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    If it's not the same angle on the steering wheel where the problem occurs I would imagine it could be an issue with the horn relay or the horn itself.
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    Horn always seems to work; just never in the same place on the steering-wheel all position horn (air-bag) cover - sometime it's in the bottom centre; and the place it worked last time used, may not be the position it's working the next time it's used .