Engine & Gearbox Behaving of my 2.2 I-CTDI - please help

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    Hi all,

    As I am new to the forum I would like to say hello to all of you.

    I know it is a really long post but hopefully someone will have a patience to read it and knowladge to help :Smile:

    I would like you to tell me if possible is something wrong with my accord or is it something all of you can see in your cars. I got my accord over 2 years ago and was preatty happy with perfomance. Then with the time is was seeing some power loss but interestingly its not happening everytime I am driving my car. The car suffers from higher or lower power/response depending on "what day of the week I am driving". For instance one day it can drive really nice and smoooth with plenty power that you can just feel and the next day it will drive like it would have only half of power from the previus day. And its not only a matter of day - to - day switch but I can be driving to a shoping centre and it would be good but on the way back home it will be sluggish with no response on accelerating at all. There is no difference in sluggish behaviour on either 1st or 5th gear. When it have a "bad day" it will really suffer and any even slight uphill will be a challage - I need to put my accelerating pedal right in the floor to make it accelerate.

    Not quite sure if its realated to the problem but I noticed that when first few miles I will drive veeery gently then the car have "more power" if I will need it. And on the other hand when I will star my drive from fast anccelerating and going to high revs then to the rest of the typical 20-30miles jurney it will never feel as it would have full potential of this really nice engine.

    My car has covered till now around 90k miles and have been serviced every year with a honda dealer. Even last year when I asked a man who was accualy performing a service and I told him about my thoughts he said that computer never showed any errors and he thinks everything is fine with mine car. But unfotuanetly this "lack of power" is kind of usual day for my car recently. I am thinking about trying some fuel system treatment like BG244 and see if it helps but if you have any advice I would be happy to hear it.

    Best regards
  2. Hello and welcome to AOC.

    Do you know if any of the services included changing the fuel filter? When was that last done?
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    Since I am not definetly sure when was it I would like to belive the major service I had last year would include a new filter ans also I would like to belive that honda dealer would use a geniue honda filter :Grin: The thing is, all the symptoms was not any better after the las service so I am not quite sure is it a filter that couses the problems. Was trying to read a little bit on diferent problems with I-CTDI engines and I did find out about the EGR problem but not quite sure if it would couse the same problems as I have or it would rather be total lost of power for a very short moment.
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    As Samaya has said, I would check when your fuel filter was last changed. It should have been done at 75k miles but the dealership may have just drained it to get rid of any water. The fuel filter is notorious for causing a host of problems, so it's always a good place to start by getting the most likely things out the way first. It'll only cost you the same as a bottle of BG244 as well.
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    Like above change fuel filter and you will back to normal
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    When trouble shooting cars always start with the basics regardless of how silly it may sound. Take the engine cover off and get the car up to temperature. Then with the engine running check for any split pipes by gently moving the various pipes and tubes backwards and forwards. If you hear any change to engine tickover or air leaking then it's a split pipe. I would have thought that a split would have brought an engine code up however.

    Next to try would be a fuel filter as stated above.

    If no joy other things such as MAF sensor may cause a loss of power etc. The first two are pretty basic things without big expense. After that it can get expensive and best taking it to a garage rather then throwing parts at it.
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    Thanks for all the hints. I amdue a service later on this month - this one definatly includes fuel filter change and it will be performed as usual with a honda dealer. I will let you know did it change anything or not. And if not probably I will ask you for more advice.

    Best regards