ICE & HFT Best Aux Link for 6 - CD Changer + Nav

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by nauest, Friday 28th Aug, 2015.

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    I am considering trying to fit my own modified connector and getting an AUX connection directly into the head unit,

    has anyone had any success fitting an Aux without going for the expensive XCar link option?
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    Sorry, way over my head. Never even seen or used the OEM ICE systems.
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    Does that gen not have an Aux input on the head unit? I'm sure a mate from work who has a '55 2.2 Accord with Satnav said his has an Aux input. What do you mean by modified connector ?
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    7th gens don't have aux input.

    The well known alternatives to Xcarlink are about the same price.

    But I've just done a quick search on ebay and found this Connect2 interface

    Not sure if it is actually compatible with Accord as the title suggests or how good the Connects2 is.
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    I've just read the ebay page for that item, and it states that it's for use with the pioneer based headunits 2001-2005... But I thought they were Alpine units (especially the Satnav) ones.... Besides that... if you do have a compatible headunit it's auido input only via a 3.5mm jack. So it's not going to work with steering controls. Might give better audio than one of those FM transmitters... but still kinda worthless in my opinion.

    I'm planning on getting the grom kit for use with my phone in the new year... already got a £50 amazon gift card towards it... will be getting some more for xmas. :Smile: That will allow use of bluetooth for calls and full control via steering wheel.
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    I used grom audio basic one without Bluetooth or USB. I think it was about 40quid.I've read some people have used those cheap ones from ebay and they work fine.