Optional Extras Bikes on the F-RV

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by FR-V, Monday 18th Nov, 2013.

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    Pete Lincs
    When I bought the FR-V I tried to find a suitable bike rack to fit on the rear hatch. I was told by several suppliers the hatch was not suitable for mounting a rack so now use a towbar mounted one.
    Today I was passed by a silver FR-V hammering down the outside lane of the A1 - with two bikes on a boot mounted rack :Aghast:
    Should I look out for half a FR-V tailgate and two mangled bikes at the side of the road, or is there actually a rack that DOES fit the FR-V?
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    Never tried to fit one on the tailgate, I have a Thule bike rack for the roof (which is excllent) but if it's up to 3 people I found the bikes fit in the back with the seats down fine. Don't even have to take any wheels off.