Suspension, Steering and Brakes Binding rear brakes on tourer

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    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the rear brakes on my tourer are binding a bit - I can feel it when setting off and both rear wheels get warm after a drive. The local garage has taken a quick look and agrees they are binding but are stumped why. They say that:
    • Pistons can be pushed back in easily enough.
    • Pads, carrier, sliders etc look OK.
    • Handbrake is fine it is the footbrake that is the problem.
    • There is hydraulic pressure remaining after releasing the footbrake.
    Both calipers and hoses were changed in 2012/2013. Pads were changed again in Jan '14 and Dec '15 (~25K miles). I hadn't noticed the brakes binding prior to changing in December or immediately after changing.

    1. Both calipers are not free enough and need changing - seems unlikely both would happen at the same time?
    2. Both hoses are kinked/faulty - seems unlikely both would happen at the same time?
    3. Four way joint caused a problem like this for one person. Possible?
    4. ABS module issue maybe?
    5. Any other cause?

    As these cars have ABS & EBD there is no proportioning valve anywhere right?
  2. jimjams Guest

    How do they know that there is hydraulic pressure remaining ?

    The most common issue on the rear brakes on 7th Generation Accords (and 8th as well) is rear pads sticking.

    In my own experience, even with original calipers and pistons on the car, when you buy OEM pads from a dealer, they can be a tight fit and the ends of the pads need filing down. The situation is even worse if non-OEM pads and/or non-OEM calipers are used. Note also that there is a difference between the pads on Tourer and Saloon, and quite often Saloon pads are mistakenly put onto the Tourer.
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    Surprisingly, I completely agree with the Jammy Dodger!

    I've had to 'trim' the edges of my rear pads several times over the years to cure binding brakes. And twice had to grind off a pin on the rear of Pagid pads brought from EuroCarParts who don't seem to realise the difference between tourer and saloon rear pads.
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    Get some new sliders off eBay and use silicone grease.

    The calipers may only be a couple of years old, but they can go from working perfectly to completely scrap in the space of a day.

    Do not use copper grease on the sliders.

    Also, push out the piston on each caliper, replace the seals and pistons and whilst you're there flush out and clean the inside of the caliper.

    Both of my tourers have had a severe amount of crap built up in the caliper causing them to stick, it only takes a tiny bit of dirt on the piston to prevent it from moving freely.

    I've literally just replaced both front calipers, rebuilt the rears, new discs, pads, shoes and braided lines all round.

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    Check you have the correct pads without the 2 nobly bits that sit in the piston on the saloon
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    Just grind them off if you do.

    Tourer rear pad should have a three prong clip that goes inside the piston anyway. Some don't come with them, so make sure the little steel tabs are clean to allow the pad to knock back.
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    @PeteMM - where did you order your braided lines from? How much were they?
  11. PeteMM Premium Member Club Supporter

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  12. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Do braided lines really make much difference ?

    I've got sponginess issues with Roobix really annoys the hell out of me as it should be braking so much better given the size of the callipers on there.