Fuel Efficiency biodiesel on the 2.2 ?

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    Has anyone on the forum had any experience running their 2.2 ctdi on biodiesel? I know the manufacturers always say no and it invalidates the warranty if it still has it. But some cars have been running very well on biodiesel and frying oil for years despite the manufacturers warning.
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    A few years ago I had a Mercedes C Class and found a local garage producing and selling Biodiesel at about half the price of normal diesel. All went well for about 3 or 4 months, at which point the car started to misfire badly, When I took it into my trusted local Indy they identified a problem with the Fuel Injectors and I had to take the car to a specialist to have them all replaced - total cost over £1k. Needless to say I have never been tempted to use Biodiesel since!
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    Yeah I know bio diesel can be different percentages especially if its home brew the stronger the percentage the more problems you have but some cars react different to it. I thought I read some where that the 2.2 were safe to run on 5 % biodiesel. I may be wrong.
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    I wonder, a information should be on the Honda.uk site ... :Unknown: .. but I cannot find it .. This is what the german site (Honda.de) says:

    "Biodiesel: This fuel is unsuitable for Honda Diesel engines."
    "Diesel: The usual content of up to 10% Biodiesel is uncritical. A excessive addition of Biodiesel can lead to a damage of the fuel System."

    I think, you should not make experiments ... - the best idea is to use standard diesel fuel. All available European Standard Diesel Fuel has to meet “EN 590” – this means the maximum allowed content of Biodiesel (FAME) is 7%: EN 590 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Fair enough.. That puts my curiosity to rest
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    A friend of mine was involved in a co-OP which was making Bio diesel from rapesead. There was an ethanol mixure in it that was not a problem for cars of German manufacture but Japo cars had an issure with rubbers parts in the fuel system. We now in Ireland have a standard diesel with a 5% bio mix. Some people are saying that this is causing problems in Opel diesel cars. I am a diesel driver for the last 28 years but with the problems of late with diesel I will have to look at petrol in the future.