Off-Topic Bisimoto 1004hp 2012 Civic on the cover of Total Honda Magazine

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    As promised, here is a sneak peak of the March-April 2012 (Issue 7) cover of Total Honda featuring the Bisimoto 1004hp 2012 Civic by Joey Lee (The Chronicles / Honda Tuning / Super Street). Joey will be writing for us every issue.

    Some of the other features in this upcoming issue include:

    Spoon S2000
    EG Turbo Drag Star
    Track NSX
    Supercharged DC5
    FN2 Addiction
    Exclusive interview with Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden
    Tokyo Auto Salon review
    Track history
    History of Honda part 7
    Tuner Q&A
    + more

    On sale in shops 23rd February. Being sent to subscribers and pre-orders 16th February.

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    Anyone who has subscribed to Total Honda before 20th Feb will be included in the draw to win £159.99 of Synionic goodies.

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    Bisi now there is a Honda Tuning Legend I will be buying this edition for sure!! electronically thou much better.

    Lesley you guys have some new competition in a new Honda Tuner mag on the scene. I see new entrant as a challenge to out do yourself.:Wink:

    I like Total Honda thou