Accord Bit of advice needed for selling my Accord?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Galgo, Monday 9th May, 2016.

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    Now that I can start the Accord again thanks to the new starter motor, it's time for me to sell it.

    I'm not sure about whether I should throw some more money at it before I sell. At the moment, it has around 7 months MOT left. Plus, it should have had a service in January. I don't know whether spending the extra £180 on a service and MOT will mean I get a higher return when I come to sell it? I don't envisage it failing the MOT as it passed the last one with no advisories. Plus, I've not driven the car since November 2015 - it's just been sat on the drive.

    Also, one major downside that will no doubt devalue the car is the knackered DVD-ROM from the Navi system (you can't see anything on the touchscreen because of it). I'm loathe to spend around £250/£300 with Alpine's authorised repairs to bring the drive back to working order if I'm honest. The HVAC controls work and you can search for radio stations and play CDs. You just can't store any stations or change the time (as that is only done by GPS). Everything else seems to work in the car otherwise lol

    What would you guys recommend I do? I'm not sure whether it's worth the gamble to spend a few hundred quid on the car when realistically I might not even get £2k for it.

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    People that buy Hondas generally know what they are talking about, as such they would probably know that on a older 7th Generation, the Sat Nav will have stopped working (usually due to the laser packing in) but in your case the screen doesn't come on at all. If it was just a laser issue I'd say don't worry about it, just sell the car as is. With the touchscreen not working I recon you probably need to do something. At least try to get the screen working, have you looked for second hand DVD-ROM unit ?
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    I think it's a combination of both. I had someone off eBay replace the drive mechanism and it sort of worked when I got it back, but then I think I bricked the drive when trying to reset it from my (scratched) DVD.

    Had a look a while ago on eBay but there weren't any PFL drives for sale :Frown: