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    Hi guys,

    So I'm sure most of you will have come across the term Bitcoin recently, I've now started making money with it and wanted to see if any of you would be interested in making money with it too?

    If you are then reply or send me a message and I'll help you get started, I thought it was too late been as 1 Bitcoin is worth £12,000 right now but it's due to go up to somewhere between £500,000 - £1 million over the next few years!

    Give me a shout if you want to know more!


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    OK Bernie Madoff
    BTC has dropped 80% in value five times in its history so far and dropped about $6k in value, and stayed steady around that for a few weeks now. (investors cashed in around Christmas taking it from pushing $20k down to $13k)

    It's a very high risk punt.
    There are regulated online traders available (i.e. ) that I'd rather trade through, than take the risk of going through a random poster (that's you) making extremely speculative promises.

    I'm the only respondent to this post so far, so I assume everyone who's read it already knows your proposal is highly speculative.
    You're promising people the Moon, but they may only see it *** Masked expletive removed by Nels *** with their cash. :/
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    Please mind your language on here @wooster
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    No probs.
    You have far more explicit emotes available in the gallery.

    They get filtered if anyone tries to use them, but they're still there. :Smile:
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    You must be desperate, or a conman, to try to encourage people to invest in a very speculatie form of investment.
    You would be better using a bookies to make money than invest in bitcoin.
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    Haha ok fair play guys, if that's how you feel about it then don't worry! Makes no odds to me, just thought this community deserved it as it's been good to me.

    I read a good quote the other day saying people will 'ask why today, and how tomorrow'. And I've met two types of opinions around it, some who are keen to learn from others and some who are too scared to want to learn.

    I don't buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, I'm part of a team that mines them, processing blockchain transactions in order to be paid in Bitcoin so it's a far lower risk punt than what most people dabble in. Those who may be interested I have proof of earnings and although a lot of people see things they are not sure about as a scam, I'm happy to share and can point you to other people who are also successful. There are currently 750,000 active members on the platform and we have a Facebook success group currently with 50,000 people in. Success varies from some earning £50 week to others earning £2500 per week. Original investment can start with £50 and all dependent on how much time, effort and money you put in, you can be withdrawing a nice sum of money at around the 6 month mark with all your original capital withdrawn.