General Bits n bobs before I go to ebay...

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by happy_tom, Tuesday 21st Feb, 2012.

  1. happy_tom Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Greetings Earthlings.

    Before I head on over to ebay and have a sleepless week looking for stuff does anyone have a sat nav disc update they want rid of.
    My new motor will have 2006 disc so any advance on that would be cool.
    Also may be after some mats and maybe a boot liner thing, or any other stuff you may be wanting rid of.
    I don't get the car until Tuesday but already I am dreaming about.
    Heaven help me.
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    I have some older discs I have promised one to Paul, I will post them in the sales section.