Sold Black B18C SiR'd Civic EG Esi

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    Car for Sale:95 'N' reg Civic ESi hatch in black
    Mileage: 118,xxx miles

    Due to changes in circumstances (change in job and now a proud owner of an Accord Type-S :Grin:), I am now selling my pride and joy, so thought I might aswell stick it up on here as I all know you are Honda lovers :Wink:. I have a B18'd Black EG up for sale. This car was originally a ESI which has had an engine transplant from a B18 SiR Integra. The car is still registered as a 1.6 ESi. I have always wanted to own an EG, but the age of these cars have put me off along with rust problems. I found this mint EG which had a B18C (from a SiR not Type-R DC2) which was professionally converted by Endless Horizon. This is a quick car. Picks up alot faster than my old EK VTi :Smile:

    Here are the specs:
    B18C from Integra SiR (~180 BHP)
    OEM Integra SiR S80 gearbox
    JDM DC2 2.5" Manifold
    JDM DC2 Double Length Radiator
    2.5" Baffled Mongoose Decat
    2.25" Mongoose Stainless Exhaust
    Red Silicone Uprated HT Leads
    Powerflex Uprated Engine Mount Inserts
    Tegiwa Brake Stopper
    D2 Coilovers
    D2 Rear Toe Adjusters
    DC2 Front Upper Strut Brace
    Tanabe Front Lower Brace
    Rear Upper Strut Brace
    Rear Lower ASR Brace
    Rear DC2 Anti Roll Bar
    Rear Aftermarket LCAS
    EG VTi Fat Fives resprayed in metallic black
    282 Front brake upgrade
    Drilled and Grooved brake discs all round
    Braided brake hoses all round
    DC2 Recaros on DC2 rails
    DC2 Rear Seats with EG bottom cushion transferred over
    DC2 Steering Wheel
    DC2 Red Stitched Gear Gaitor
    Black EG Armrest
    Short Shifter
    EK9 Style Gearknob
    Mugen Pedals
    Carbon Fibre Duck Bill spoiler with brake light
    OEM JDM Honda Wind Deflectors
    VTi front lip
    Carbon Wrapped Bonnet
    Amber Corners
    JDM Flat Amber Side Indicators
    OEM Front Yellow Foglights
    6k HID Hi/Low Headlight Upgrade
    Cobra Cat1 Alarm with Certificate
    JDM style rear light wiring configuration
    2 x Honda keys and Cobra fobs

    Oil changed every 6 months with Castrol Magnetec 10w/40 (just changed)
    Hamp or Honda Filter used with oil change (Honda oil cd filter just changed)
    NGK Spark Plugs (BKR7E-11) changed every year (new set just put in)
    Head Gasket replaced last year with OEM Honda Head Gasket
    Coolant flushed last year with Honda Coolant
    OEM Honda Thermostat changed last year
    OEM Fuel Filter replaced last year
    Gearbox Oil changed last year with Honda MTF
    Brake & Clutch Fluid bled last year with Honda DOT4
    All drop links recently replaced
    Brand New Driver Side Front LCA swapped out last MOT
    Steering Rack Boots swapped out last MOT
    NO further advisories last MOT.
    Plenty of receipts

    The conversion was professionally done by Endless Horizon and if you look on their site you can even see a picture of the car. The car had a full respray when the engine conversion was carried out, including the engine bay. There is a receipt for all the work carried out by Endless Horizon.

    The car was owned by San, who is the owner of Teshi Racing so you know the car was previously well looked after since the engine transplant. The car has been fully maintained by myself upon ownership as you can see from the list of above service items. I replaced the headgasket as coolant was being consumed; this resolved the coolant usage issue. At the same time, I gave the car a full 'gold' service - Oil Change, Spark Plugs, Coolant change, Fuel Filter, Replaced Thermostat, Gearbox Oil Change, Brake Fluid Bled, Clutch Fluid Bled. I also upgraded the front brakes with 282's from an Prelude (was originally running 262's, I wasnt convinced that would be enough braking power) and bought some brand new drilled and grooved 282 discs (MG ZS fitment).
    I also swapped out the rear discs with drilled and grooved discs to add that extra cooling when braking and also to match the looks of the fronts.

    I then bought a set of Fat Fives and had them resprayed in metallic black - wrapped in Toyo T1R's.
    There was some slight rust coming through on the rear arches, so i rubbed them down and re-sprayed the arches with rattle cans. I then also sprayed the inside of the rear quarters with hammerite spray to ensure rust didnt build up on the inside (usual cause for rusty lower rear quarters)

    Now that the car was running sweet, time to enhance the bracing! I put on a DC2 front upper strut brace and a Tanabe front lower strut to make the shell more rigid. I then added an rear upper strut to compliment the rear ASR brace/DC2 ARB setup. When combined with the D2's, this car has awesome handling and fully adjustable ride with the D2's. To top it all off, I fitted some Recaros for that extra drivers support and DC2 rear seats just for pure coolness (sponge transferred over for proper fitment). I got hold of all the interior trim as it was a bit noisy on the motorway and also for extra comfort for rear passengers. Polyflex engine inserts were then added to reduce engine movement and added a brake stopper for greater braking feel when working together with the braided hoses.

    Other than that, the engine has been flawless and VTEC pulls very strong. This is the B18C from a SiR which has the same dual runner inlet as a B18C4, but don't be fooled. This engine has around 180bhp stock, so with the 2.5" mani and decat/exhaust, this should help bump up the figures. The dual chamber is good for fuel consumption at low revs and opens up at around 4.5k and VTEC kicks in at 6k'ish. No strange knocks, no smoke, no burning oil and starts 1st time. The gearbox is also perfect, no crunching, whining or sticking.

    Since ownership, I have changed the oil every 6 months with Castrol Magnetec 10w/40 and Hamp/Honda Oil Filters and have just given the car a fresh service for the new owner (oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter) As I mostly train it to and from work, the car was only occasionally used for work travel and mainly used at evenings/weekends. I have all the past paperwork and MOTs.

    Bad Points:
    Front Driverside lower ball joint is starting to squeak. I have purchased a new ball joint but don't have the time to replace it. The driver side LCA was swapped out with a brand new one last MOT. The front droplinks were replaced this summer. The drivers side tie-rod was replaced to try to eliminate the squeaking also this summer. This narrows the squeaking down to the lower ball joint (sound is coming from lower front drivers side) and replacing this will fix that issue. The car still drives fine as it is but I wouldn't push too hard round corners just to be on the safe side.

    The car is currently sitting on my parents driveway, so the brake discs will look rusty as the car hasnt moved for a while. I had my private plate on it, but this has been transferred over to my new Accord, hence why there is no rear plate in the pics (I will stick them back on). Some paint is flaking from the rocker cover which I had resprayed, but this can easily be stripped down and re-painted. Some small amounts of bubbling '20p' size is coming through on the drivers side arch where I had previously resprayed. The passenger airbag was removed by San to use as a template for his carbon fibre airbag cover trays. The missing airbag never bothered me (saves weight), but i'm sure San can sort you out with a Carbon Fibre airbag cover at a decent price if you ask him nicely :Smile:

    It is taxed until the end of the year but MOT needs doing soon as it expires end of Jan. The tyres are all still legal, but I will include in 2 nearly new T1R's with the car.














    I work weekdays, so viewing is recommended at weekends. I have priced the car accordingly, this is not a bodge job and has been well maintained. I am including all the mods listed for this price. We can negotiate on price if parts are removed from the deal (such as wheels, recaros, etc). You will require insurance for a test drive as car is currently uninsured and will get flagged up on any police car. I am located near Heathrow Airport, J5 of M4.

    £2250 ono - Call me on 07815 027097 for further info.

    Thanks for looking, Johnny
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    now sold. Car no longer for sale.
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    Wow 180 BHP in an EG. That must shift, some lucky new owner going to have fun in it.
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