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    First visit to my local Honda dealer today, Blade in Quedgeley, Gloucester.

    Found them welcoming, receptionist let me have a tax disc holder for free, and the parts guy discounted a set of 8th Generation front wipers down from £22 to £20, offered to fit them for free also.

    Was going to get them from Holdcroft for £18, but they havent replied to my email enquiry yet.

    New wipers are great, the drizzle over the last few days confirmed the old ones were knackered!

    So far so good then, will try them out next year for a service.
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    Blade in Gloucester are very helpful
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    I've used them extensively over the past four weeks and both the servicing and parts have been great. They've given me 15% discount on parts and are just genuinely friendly and helpful Same goes for the servicing technicians who have given me advice on a couple of DIY repairs. The tip on using a hammer and chisel to knock off the old roof molding clips ( taped to the channel adjacent to the windscreen) was both scary and spot on.