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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by MickyB, Friday 3rd Jul, 2015.

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    i have been running my Accord recently as my HR-V was off the road waiting to get MOT'd etc.
    The other day I came home from work with the obligatory heavy Rock blasting out of the speakers.
    When I got home I thought I'd better remove the disc as Pat(the wife) was going out and was more of a country music driver.
    So I proceeded to press the eject button on the head unit the motor whirled but nothing happened( bummer) I thought the disc has jammed.
    So after a few more tries I decided to investigate so torch and small screwdrivers in hand I started to try and see inside the slot where the disc goes but to no avail.
    I then started looking around the dash area to see how to extract the unit so I could try and get the disc out by some other means.
    Well in the end I gave up as I had to go to bed as I was working that night so I shut it up and ran a bath,as I was soaking something hit me so when I got out I went back to the car and relalised what a totally Blonde Moment I had had....
    Now before I tell you why.

    Why do you think I couldn't eject the disc from the head unit?
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    It wasn't in there in the first place :Smile:
  3. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    It was in my multi player!!!!!! What a blonde I felt
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    So you wanted to extract the Sat-Nav DVD unit? :Niceone: