Electrical & Lights Blowing Headlamp Bulbs 8th Generation Accord 2008 model

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    I've had my 8th Generation Accord for coming up for 4 years this month

    Got to say it's the best car I've ever had, I love it, I never tire from driving it but it has this very irritating niggle that is now starting to concern me.

    Shortly after purchasing the car in September 2012 (it's a 2008 model) I decided to replace the standard headlamps with higher power Ring Ultra bulbs, after about 2 hours and several layers of skin I had them installed and both worked fine for a while then approx 9 months later the drivers side bulb blew, so not too impressed with the short lifespan of them and believing at the time the bulbs may not be long lived I purchased and installed (at the expense of further layers of skin and increased stress levels) another set of bulbs, this time some Osram high performance ones, sorry can't recall exact product name.

    These too were fine and certainly lasted longer but in December last year the drivers side lamp blew again.

    I wasn't prepared to go through the torture of installing another set myself and after finding out my dealer would fit a new set for free (only had to pay for the bulbs) I booked it in with them, they replaced both lamps with the standard Phillips bulbs they use. I mentioned that I had lost 2 bulbs on the drivers side in a relatively short space of time and asked if they could check out the connections, wiring etc.

    They gave the connections and wiring a clean bill of health and away I drove with two working headlamps, now in less than 9 months the drivers lamp has blown again, this can't be normal, in all my years of owning cars I've never had to change headlamp bulbs so frequently.

    The only additional thing I have noticed this time is that the main interior light in the roof has also stopped working too, maybe unconnected I can't say.

    I need to check the fuses first, I've only just returned home from a weeks holiday so will check fuses tomorrow, if fuses are OK will replace bulb in the courtesy light then check the headlamp but I suspect it has blown again at this stage and I'd sure appreciate any advice or suggestions anyone may be able to offer from anyone who may have been experiencing similar issues.

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    I presume the bulbs you are fitting have been fitted through the wheel arches? It's almost impossible not to damage the bulb in some way. Whether it's touching the bulb with your fingers or against the arch liner. The best way with an 8th Generation accord is to remove the front bumper and headlights. Can't rule out any wiring issue but I somehow doubt it.
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    Thanks for the reply. When I installed the bulbs myself I didn't go in through the wheel arches I worked from the top. The drivers side one is easy enough passenger side not so easy unless battery is removed and air box first.

    Whilst I appreciate that the correct method is through the wheel arches I still think that the actual insertion of the bulb into the headlamp is the most difficult thing to do. I have the projector style lenses and the bulb sits a fair way into them through a not very wide aperture at the back so yes agree it is very difficult to not catch the bulb as you put it in.

    Bumper removal seems like a real faff to me and I have a body kit on mine (came with the trim level) so getting it all off could be tricky and time consuming.

    I can't say how my dealer fitted the bulbs in December I know they said how fiddly it is though.

    If it is bulb damage (most likely) as they work fine for a while then I may just bite the billet and pay for a new bulb periodically I doubt it's a wiring fault otherwise I'd expect it to blow far more frequently.
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    Having replaced my nearside bulb a while back as per the owners manual via the wheel arch and 3 hours trouble, taking the bumper off is far easier. Replaced both my bulbs a few weeks ago bumper off, lights off, replace bulbs time about one and a half hours slow time and no skinned hands.

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    In took of bumper also last time to change my normal lights by HID's. Never had any broken light on this car.
    Did you check the tension? Is it far above 14V engine running?
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    I thought this problem was unique to me only because my CU2 has been blowing halogen headlamp bulbs as well ever since the OEM one died.
    Tried Philips Blue Vision, Osram Cool Blue Hyper and Osram Nightbreakers and they all only last me around 8-10 months.

    Got fed up so ended up just switching it to HIDs and it's been running for a few months now without any issues and will hopefully stay like this for years because swapping bulbs on this car is a major pain in the @%$ :Frown:
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    I've had my bulb replaced for free by my dealer (who incidentally only charge for the bulb not the fitting normally) I've also replaced the 10amp fuse as some other forums where owners have this issue have suggested this may also work.

    So far so good it's still working. But in my case the bulb has lasted a few months before it gives up so may be too soon to say if the fuse swap will have made any difference.

    I did contemplate buying and installing and HID kit but these are not legal unless they are installed on a car that has self levelling headlamps and lamp washers. Neither feature is on my car.

    I've also read that some owners who have installed them have since had issues with electrical systems and warning lights on the dash.

    I'd imagine that you would need the kits that have the error cancelling technology to avoid this.

    I hope it works for you though as you're right about the hassle to change the bulbs.

    I am surprised that such a basic job has been made so complex by Honda.
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    Hi matey, I know how you feel! I had the same problem with mine. I went out one night and the both headlights had blown at the same time, they were working fine the night before! So I had them replaced at my local garage. Three weeks later and one bulb had blown again, replaced it and a couple of weeks later the other one blew.
    This happened a few times and I had the electrics tested and nothing wrong was found! So I took it to Honda and they couldn't find anything wrong with the electrics, but what they did tell me was "if they are not fitted with Honda bulbs it will keep happening!" So they fitted new bulbs and eight months later they are still ok.
    I use my Accord for private hire and work nights, so I have my lights on for several hours at a time and so far so good.
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    I ju
    I just had my bulb replaced by honda last week. Interestingly the invoice for the bulb says H1 LL. which can be interpreted to longlife.

    On my first car i used osram night breakers, they had great light output but would only last 10 months. Wasnt so bad as i got them replaced often with the manufacturers oneyear guarantee:Grin:

    I would recommend for the accord to get original bulb if you want them last a while.
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    I had a similar problem on my old 7th Generation. I replaced the bulbs with some fairly expensive "improved bulbs" and had 3 years of bulbs blowing every few months, before I switched back to the original bulbs. I thought that the bulbs on the 7th Generation were a PITA, but at least I could change the bulbs on that car, this 8th Generation is ridiculous. You should be able to change light bulbs at the side of the road, not have to remove parts of the bodywork or jack it up to do so. Bad Honda.

    Luckily, (and I have a firm grasp of my wooden desk as I write this) I have had my 8th Generation for 3 years without a headlamp bulb blowing, just 1 brake light.
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    While I have replaced a few moths ago with Philips X-tremeVision +130% light output is far better than previous how long they will last we shall see. Which brings me onto may be the "auto light" facility may shorten the life due to the constant on and off which may occur due to driving conditions.