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    I bought this for my 2006 Honda FR-V 2.2CDTI SPORT in June 2015. I've now sold the car. The box gave the car more 'legs' in the gears, more grunt and felt 'free' when accelerating. I bought it as I was towing a caravan and I felt the car towed with even more ease with the tuner than it did without. Now I have a different car Im getting another, albeit a more expensive option as I doffed the worth-benefit of the tuner.

    Its a plug and play item. All fitting instructions are present in the original box along with the original felt carry bag. Its very very simple to fit. Id say 20 mins tops just because you'll want to tidy up the cable run, but plugging it in is less than 5 mins.

    Cost new 8 months ago £125. Get a bargain for £80 !

    PM with an email or telephone number to discuss or arrange purchase. DSC00884.JPG DSC00885.JPG DSC00886.JPG DSC00887.JPG DSC00888.JPG DSC00889.JPG DSC00890.JPG
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    Heres the Official Blurb....

    CR Tech 2 Multimap

    Designed with the latest Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and injector technology in mind, our most popular diesel tuning box offers significant performance improvements without stressing your cars fuel system beyond its design limits. This unit will give you the best all round improvements in power, torque and fuel economy without affecting the reliability of your engine and will cure most fuelling problems such as flat spots, hesitation and excessive turbo lag.
    The CR Tech 2 has been updated and remapped to smooth out power delivery and further enhance performance & economy on more modern engines.
    The CR Tech can vastly increase torque without raising maximum fuel pressure. Unlike other 3rd party tuning boxes the default map on the CR Tech will not allow the injectors to receive fuel above their designed working pressure to give peace of mind. The secondary map can increase maximum pressure should you wish to seek that extra bit of power above 3000rpm.
    This is a plug and play unit, with photographic instructions provided for installation and adjustment. Installation and removal on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes.
    The product is aimed at vehicle enthusiasts and must be installed by a competent installer. The device can be temporarily installed for times when you need additional power or economy (such as track days etc). When you no longer need the device or you are passing the vehicle on to someone else it should be removed.
    Product Features:
    • Comes with connectors to match OEM plugs, and detailed fitting instructions.
    • Two user selectable fuel maps (one biased for low down torque & economy, one for biased for power)
    • Improved mapping over the original and well received CR Tech.
    • Fully adjustable power curve
    • Large power gains possible
    • Over 10% MPG improvements possible.
    • Aluminium casing to help resist dust or other contaminants, protecting the product in an under bonnet environment.
    • Unit uses automotive connectors, not computer serial port style connectors
    • The CR Tech 2 can be upgraded to suit another vehicle should you change car.
    What will it do for my car:
    • Greatly reduces 'turbo lag', the delay at low revs before your car produces power
    • Allows the car to run smoother
    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Increases torque, power and acceleration
    • Does not over stress the engine
    • Can be removed without trace, reverting the car back to standard
    The CR Tech 2 gives impressive gains in acceleration, driveability and fuel economy. Most of our customers report gaining around 10% MPG typical circumstances, it doesn't take long for the box to pay for itself at that rate! By increasing both power and torque throughout the rev range, your car can be driven in a higher gear at lower revs, using significantly less fuel, and by producing more power earlier, turbo lag is also greatly reduced.
    The CR Tech units are individually developed for each car we sell for. You will not find a well designed digital microprocessor chip based system cheaper. Producing big power gains (and black smoke) is easy and the reason there is such a minefield of boxes out there, but producing reliable and driveable power gains is much more difficult. All of our systems are priced reasonably so there is no reason to risk causing problems with poorly designed 'power boxes'. The CR Tech 2 has the ability to detect RPM and engine load and remap accordingly.
    Installation is easy, with only 2 connections to the vehicle using original type connectors. An installation can be completed in under 5 minutes in most cases, and full vehicle specific instructions are provided. Once removed there is no trace that the unit was ever fitted.
    Stated power gains are acheived when using the secondary map.
    Please view some of the example instructions, and installation videos to see just how easily this unit can be fitted to your vehicle.
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