Electrical & Lights bluetooth problem, cannot pair with any phone

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    Hi, I have just found this forum having been the proud owner of a Tourer EX for 5 years, troublefree motoring and 100k later the handsfree stopped working. have tried everything in the manual without success. I have been told it may be the bluetooth module but how do I know, it may be a loose connection, I am reluctant to fork out 3 to 500 quid on guesswork. can anyone tell me where this module is hidden so I can check
    the connections?
    the HFT does work up to the searching for a phone and I know the phone is ok
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    Hi & welcome to AOC

    There is a thread somewhere on the forum with pics about this, im on my phone so i can't post a link to it but if you search for Bluetooth problems it should come up.

    However if i can remember correctly the module is placed behind the screen and front air vents!
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    If i remember correctly HFT module is under the dash just behind air vents.
    Have a read through this it might help you set it up.
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    Dave, did you manage to find the HFT unit and did it help you fix the issue ?