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    I found this in a BMW magazine that was left in our office at work and it started me thinking, maybe what we have said about this pile of **** is not truer we have just made it up cause we don't like the Tractor boys.
    Well what do you think? My thoughts on this are I think his friend and him drove up the mountain in the summer(cause even a whiff of snow would put a Beemer off the road). They were up there that long (maybe went into hibernation) that when they woke up they tried to get down the mountain and had to plough through 1/2 a metre of Virgin Snow (get real guys) before they got stuck. More like they started the car tried. To move and it slid into a snow drift before coming to an epic halt and they couldn't get it to move so they abandoned it like most Bavarian Tractor owners do and went back when the snow had melted probably the summer time again.
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    No one cares for utter shyte mate.. not worth the steam on anyone p155.
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