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    England Chris telford
    I'm just wondering which parts are interchangeable between the cars.

    I have a saloon ctdi and I'm wondering if the wings off the estate will fit mine?

    Cheers Chris
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    Also how do we check the paint codes? How many types of blue are there on the Accords?
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    The doors are different but I'm not sure on the wings.

    Paint code is on the chassis plate on top of the nearside suspension
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    Are the front bumpers from PFL and FL models interchangeable? After some one hit my car over the weekend I am in need of a new bumper (it's only cosmetic really, but annoying all the same)... If I could find one the same colour and simply swap it would be great... But if I have to paint one, then I'd rather look for a FL one as I like the cleaner lines and the better fogs.
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