Body, Paint & Styling Body Work Accord Tourer 58 plate

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    I bought a second hand Tourer in Oct 2011 58 plate. The bloke that sold me is an acquantence, he showed me a rough part at the sill and rear doorwell and said he had touched it up, he hadn't looked after the car. I thought nothing about it but noticed the other side looked a bit rough. Over the past year the paint has actually started to disappear so the undercoat shows through. It is on the same place on both rear door wells. Has anyone else had this? I know the car has a warranty but my real concern is that one side is starting to rust and they may try to say it should have been reported by the previous owner ( which it should). I have never had a Honda that rusts certainly not at 4 years old. The car goes for a service on Friday with a Honda dealer and they say that they will photo it and decide wether to send away.
    Does anyone have any info that would help?
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    Hi and welcome to AOC can you post some pictures of the affected area?