Body, Paint & Styling Bodykit PFL vs FL

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    Now that the car is purring again... there are a few other cosmetic jobs I'd like to tackle as and when cash flow allows.

    Firstly... sorting out that front bumper after some scumbag hit the corner and buggered off. I'll most likely be getting a second hand one and having it repainted... But the big question is... Will a facelift bumper fit the PFL car, and as mine is CTDi... the different foglights on diesel vs petrol. Or should I just source a PFL bumper and the bumper skirt.

    Secondly... Some nice side skirts from the 2.4 wouldn't go amiss... will saloon ones fit the Tourer and again.. PFL vs FL fixings.

    I'm not interested in after market crap, but OEM styling kits. I may drop the car a little when I do things like shocks but most likely retain the stock wheels (unless a near mint set of 17's come along with tyres for silly money)
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    Thought I'd reply as no one else has :Frown:

    Think you need the corresponding headlights to fit the PFL or FL bumper.

    Also I'm guessing that the Tourer is longer than the saloon so side skirts won't fit.

    Just import a new Mugen kit from Japan when you win the lottery :Wink:
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