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    Looking at changing our SAAB95 for a CR-V.

    Before I do so I would like to know how Honda bodywork quality compares to the rest.

    We tend to run our cars to either old age or high mileage. Our previous car was a Mazda 626. At 126k miles mechanically sound but bodywork shot. It was 12 years old but the paintwork deteriorated badly much sooner than that with the colour fading so badly the red colour on the spolier and hatchback turned pink at about 8 years.

    The SAAB95 at 8 years old is in much better condition but is costing us money to run.

    So where do Honda cars fit in the spectrum. I've had a Honda motorbike so am reassured about the engineering.
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    Welcome to HK Navrig,

    Most japanese cars are quite thin with their paint and it marks easily. I have to say that VAG cars, as much as I dislike them, their paint is much stronger and thicker too than Japanese cars.

    Colour fading is more likely to be neglect than anything else I would suggest. Red is especially bad as the UV rays turn it pink due to lack of paint protection. This is any red car really.

    Btw, put your car when you get it into the club garage as it will show under each post you make, and pop along to the introduce yourself section and tell us a bit more about yourself and your search for your CR-V
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    I'd agree with @Nighthawk with a couple of caveats...

    First, I had a VW Tiguan and the stone chipping at the front was dreadful after 40k miles. Worst I had ever seen, it looked as though somebody had fired a blunderbuss at it! The dealer told me that VAG paint was very hard - which kept it shinier with little effort - but that the hardness made it brittle, which is why cars with motorway miles were like mine.

    My Accord had a brilliant paint finish - no defects at all, from new the best I had owned in terms of consistency - but it too chipped badly at the front. What was different to my VW was that the Accord only really suffered on the plastic painted bumper, with the bonnet and wings seemingly much more resistant.

    Finally, my new CR-V. The finish isn't as good as the Accord was BUT after nearly 2k miles there aren't any chips! Famous last words...the paint does seem noticeably thicker, although it probably isn't. May also be down to colour, white vs silver.

    The key to keeping all paint finishes good is maintenance. Wash and wax regularly, and try to sort chips and scratches quickly.

    Good luck finding a CR-V!
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    That era Mazda's were particuarly bad with bodywork and rust plus it was red. The CR-V should be a bit better I would imagine.

    The generation of Accord I have has fantastic paintwork. The paintwork will be as good as you look after it really, I would avoid red as they turn pink on any car over time.
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    Looking at either metallic blue or titanium

    Thanks for all the comments.
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    @Navrig, are you buying new or used?
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    Used, probably 12 months old.
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    Whether you buy new or used it's worth checking the paint finish carefully - look at this thread.

    Bulletins & Advisories - White Discolouration Or Clear Coat Swelling On Paint Surface

    Any car a few months old should have been sorted, but better to be aware in advance. It isn't a huge problem, especially on lighter colours.

    I'd also say it's worth investigating new 2014MY cars - deals on those should be even better by now and may make buying used less attractive...
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