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  1. Which is better, Worcester-Bosch or Vaillant?
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  3. He who would Valllant be...
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    My dad's cousin is a gas fitter and recommended Baxi as you can get to the parts and replace them unlike our Ariston. I then added a Nest thermo stat to our new Baxi boiler and I'm very happy with it. It's quiter and has really easy to use controls. The nest thermo stat is brilliant too. I'd recommend that with what ever boiler you get.

    I'd only ever heard of worcester boilers which I was set on but I have had no regrets with baxi over the last 1.8 years
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    I have a 12 year old Worcester its on a British gas contract only had one problem it was a valve of some sort, every one of their engineers that has been to service it has said don't change it even though they are bound by rules where they have to recommend a more effecient one. Apparently worcester garauntee spares for at least 20 years, I know which brand I will buy from in the future

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    Completely agree. I have the same combination. Our boiler blew its pressure valve on the morning of boxing day last year and flooded the room with water. Insurance covered it but british gas fitted a new baxi and nest thermostat. Incidentally can't say a bad word about the installers. Complete professionals in every way.
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