Aftermarket Kit Boot interior dimensions

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by -BA-, Monday 30th Dec, 2013.

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    Hi guys

    My car is sadly at the garage still having repair work so I can't nip outside to check but I need to know what the interior dimensions of the boot are. I am considering getting a dog cage (not happy with the guard) and don't want to buy one that will not fit but want the largest I can get in there for comfort for the pooch.

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    You get a genuine Honda dog guard which will fit the car perfectly? You can install it yourself without the need of any tool in 10 minutes.

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    I've got a genuine guard and it's great. There was a stage were he could fit between the gap by the side windows but he's too big now thankfully :Tongue:

    My dog's crated at home but in the car it would be a royal PITA. Noising and rattly too. Plus you could never put anything else in the boot also. Mines a big boxer dog but he only needs half the boot so often have the pram chassis in there with him etc. Just nothing edible...
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    I have the genuine Honda dog guard but have found that my dog tries to get around the side and over the top which because there is enough of a gap that she feels she can get through. Really trying to preserve the interior of my car as best I can but have found the genuine dog guard a real let down. Naturally I know discipline is the best answer to this but she is a rescue dog with some pretty heavy hangups that I am working through with her, the level of obedience required to prevent her trying to get over the back seat whilst I am driving is some way off.