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    Just got my Accord back from a service. No problems other than a puddle of water found in the spare wheel area.
    Boot trim is all dry and boot lid seal appears serviceable. I removed the rear plastic trim and it looks like a leak on the left hand side under the boot carpet. I suspect the rear light cluster? The boot seal sits over the cluster on the right hand side but on the left I found it under the inner edge of the cluster. While trying to reseat the seal I broke the inner edge of the unit :Angry:

    I have made a temporary repair and no more leaks so far so it looks like the cluster will have to come out.

    Anyone else experienced a boot leak?
    Is a rear light cluster replacement easy? Looks like the bumper will have to come off?
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    I'm pretty sure there is no need to remove the bumper. The light is screwed on from inside the boot. You may have to remove the boot liner to access the screws. The light should then just push out from the inside. The lights have a foam backing on them to seat them against the panel. The water will be getting in past there. Cleaning it might be enough or if the foam is distorted you could put some sealant on there to make it water tight.
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    I've just purchased a tourer with exactly the same issue, but as it's only been a matter of hours that I've owned the car, I've not yet investigated where it was leaking in from. I'll check the light cluster if it ever stops raining.
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    got the same problem on my saloon 8th Generation. I've not had a chance to strip out the boot liner to see where it's getting in. I too suspect rear light cluster but I think it's the right side (as you face the boot) where mine is leaking.
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    I had this on my 7th Generation tourer, turned out to be the boot seal, water was coming up and under where the seal was all degraded, got a new seal and haven't had problem since. hope that helps some people