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    hi. I've had my accord tourer since june and the interior boot lights have not been working. It didnt bother me initialy but as the dark winter months are here and i use the boot every day now and I've upgraded all my interior bulbs id like to get them working.

    I've checked all fuses and they are ok. Although all the interior lights are linked to one fuse and the rest are working. Made sure the switch on the light casings are on and obviously checked the bulbs. Still no luck

    I did ask my local honda to do a diagnostic and they put it down to a faulty tailgate opener switch. After quoting me £160 to replace i decided to decline and have a go myself as the part is only around £70 inc delivery from lings honda.

    However i ended up finding a 2nd hand one on ebey for £33 i thought id try that first. Got the part today and fitted it. Still no lights. What are the chances of both switches being faulty? Has honda misdiagnosed the problem? I don't want to order a brand new part if it still won't work.

    Has anyone else had problems with thier interior boot lights?
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    You could try linking out the switch to make a permanent feed to the lights.
    This will tell you if it's the switch at fault.
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    Sorry i wouldn't even know how to do that. I have some basic electrical knowledge but havent done anything like that before. Which was the main reason i asked honda to take a look at it.
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    Basically take out the switch and connect together the 2 terminals to make the switched contact.
    I haven't looked at one TBO so a few photos of the switch and where it goes will be helpful
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    image. image.
    This is the part. It sits just above the number plate and it to opens the boot. The lights should come on as the switch is pressed and the boot is opened.
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    This is the troubleshoot guide as per the WSM

    Cargo Area Light Test/Replacement
    Open the tailgate.
    Carefully pry out the cargo area light (A).

    Disconnect the 2P connector (B) from the light.
    Check for continuity between the terminals.
    There should be continuity between the No. 1 and No. 2 terminals with the switch in the ON position.
    There should be no continuity between the No. 1 and No. 2 terminals with the switch in the OFF position.

    If the continuity is not as specified, check the bulb (C). If the bulb is OK, replace the light.
    Install in the reverse order removal.

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    It looks like im going to have to get myself a multimeter. I havnt used one in about 9 years since i done electrical engineering at college. I ended up a welder.

    I've just ordered one from ebay so i will update this when it gets here next week and i can test the terminals.

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    Ok so some clear weather outside has allowed me to start checking these lights.

    I have checked both light units and they both are working fine with the continuity check.

    And both bulbs are fine as they are brand new. Old ones didnt work either but they are still fine.