Electrical & Lights Boot won't open (except with key)

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Snapper69, Thursday 11th Feb, 2016.

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    Hi guys,on Tuesday I took my Accord in to the local dealer for the airbag recall, before going I opened the boot using the door button and loaded some rubbish into it, to take to the local recycling centre, after I'd had the airbag done. I then took the car in for the work. After the airbag work had been done I went to get rid of the rubbish. I pressed the button on the door, but the boot didn't open, thinking that I'd not pressed it hard enough, I used the key fob. Today I tried again to open the boot with the door button, again it didn't work, so I tried the button on the boot lid and that didn't work, so the only way that I can currently open the boot is with the fob. I'm assuming that this is an electrical problem, so, before I ring them, could anything that the dealer did have caused it?
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    Hmm I guess it's possible. Call them and discuss it with them, see what they say.
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    Just rang them, they said that they don't need to disconnect the battery for the passenger side airbag, but to take it in and they'll have a look.
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    Yes blame them its cheaper lol. Similar happened to me, I hadn't used bump for several months and was booked in for MOT. The back seats were down as I'd also been to the tip so I opened doors on fob, sorted seats and drove to test station after a long drive as been sitting for three months ( the car not me ) The car failed MOT for not being able to open ns/rear door !
    Had to leave it, walk home, then back to collect next day where they relieved me of an extra £50 !
    They said a metal rod had fallen from the handle , what can you do ?
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    We'll see, they actually washed the car after doing the work, maybe that's the problem, it's not used to being washed.
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    Ha ha that's why I bought a green one, you can't tell what's car what's algae lol.
    Let us know how you get on, hopefully just a sticky solenoid.
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    Well, I took it in and just about had time to look at the motors for sale. Shed loads of Civics a fair few CR-Vs an Insight and a couple of Jazzzzzzzzzzzzz. No Accords. Anyway, I digress, it seems that there is a tiny red switch on the right side of the glove box that isolates the door button and the boot lid button and that had "somehow" got moved. All fine now.
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    Hope it was free lol
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    I was just going to suggest this. Happened to me too and was that little switch in glove box was set to off.
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    Thanks for that, better late than never :Smile:) Handy to know, it may come in useful one day, though I'm not sure how.
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    I think that button was added if you park at vallet or hotel so no one can open boot .
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    But if they have the key, they can use that to open it.
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    I can't remember if my vallet key can open boot. Will have to try... i got 3 sets of keys with my cu.
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    I got 2 sets with mine and they both open the boot. Suppose it could come in useful if I'm sat on a Motorway services car park with a boot full of luggage. Anyway, you learn something new every day and that was my new fact for Friday.