Sold Bosch 7th Generation Accord Tourer 2.4 Battery

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by redefined_cycles, Monday 29th Dec, 2014.

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    Hey all.

    Selling my battery which was only used for 1 day. Had it swapped on warranty as I thought I had a weak one. Next day I bought an uprated Yuasa which I wedged in after seeing DeviantDefiants upgrades. Anyhow, turns out its probably alternator.

    Either way, bargain battery for the HK members. Can drop around huddersfield area and I work in Leeds so can also be picked from there.

    £41 is my asking price to anyone interested... Screenshot_2014-12-29-16-37-56. Screenshot_2014-12-29-16-38-05.
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    I still can't believe people on this forum are happy to buy their battery from ECP.
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    I can't believe people buy suspension components from ECP as well.

    I know what, lets put on the cheapest however very important safety components onto my car made by the cheapest supplier. Yes, yes, there is a sensible idea. I saved 50 quid, but put my entire family plus innocent members of the public at risk. I am a responsible car owner.
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    @redefined_cycles just chasing up threads on here have you still got this item for sale?
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    Jusy been sold yesterday... so can be deleted. Thanks people