Engine & Gearbox Bosch - Made in Japan

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    Was recently undertaking an oil change on my 2.2 ICTDI and came across a pleasant suprise.

    The bosch high pressure common rail is proudly stamped made in japan. This partly helps explain why the system is reliable!!

    Did a bit of research on the net, bosch have their own factories producing diesel system parts in japan - not outsourced.

    I think people are quick to slate bosch as German junk, however they do also produce highly reliable car parts. However German engineering is way overrated. Japan quality is miles ahead
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    One part being made in Japan hardly a glowing reference for the utter turds they have churned out for years and got away with it.

    Its like saying Sushi made in UK by a Japanese cook using UK source ingredient is same as a Tokyo restaurant in central Tokyo well it aint..
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    maybe some of the Japanese quality and expertese has filtered into the Bosch company in Japan and helped a little.. its certainly not made it all the way to their German HQ or anywhere else. To me it seems they are getting worse as time goes on.
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    A few articles I've been reading recently was taking about the misconception of German engineering where people associate it with quality perhaps because at one point in the past they were seen as reliable, until the Japanese arrived properly. There does seem to be the impression that the quality is starting to improve again and perhaps Japanese stuff is starting to slip and if that's the case perhaps it's because the Japanese cars are being built outside of Japan?

    But regardless, when so many cars are being rotated by the public every three years then reliability is probably not so much of a concern?
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    Our other car is a 2004 audi a4 cabriolet. And honestly every time I need to work on it I despair at the quality of some of the component used. I don't know where they sourced their plastic components from but it seems as they have all been recycled 20 times before being used on the car but cleverly hidden away so the surface materials give the impresion of quality. Everything breaks so easily its almost a joke.

    I do hope they are improving their quality but I'm not so sure in a world driven by profit and throw away goods. They don't seem to make cars that last longer than their warranty period these days. The second hand car market is becoming a very scary place....
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    Slightly off subject, the below link can be used for searching original and generic Bosch parts fitted to your car. Also gives car serial number changes for that part. But handy if you need the original part numbers to check availability and prices.
    Not sure if this link is the right area, or maybe a new one for parts lists??

    Vehicle Search - bosch.com
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    Great had quick look will bookmark

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