ICE & HFT Bose Speaker Upgrade in the 7th Generation Accord

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    Hi Guys

    I believe the speakers from an Audi 2009 cabriolet are 16cm and should fit in the doors of the 7th Generation accord. The plastic speaker holders attached to the bose speakers apparently need to be cut down in order to fit inside the doors.

    Just wondering if anyone has done this?

    Will the premium sound system in the accord be ok to power the bose speakers or will it over load it and damage the internal amplifier?

    Anyone know the exact specifications of the output of the premium sound system?

    Thanks guys
  2. Galgo Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Speakers won't damage an amp or even a head unit for that matter.

    The only damage that might occur is if the amplified sound isn't powerful enough for the volume you use. When that happens, "clipping" (i.e.distortion) occurs and can eventually damage your speakers.

    If the speakers you fit physically fit in your Accord, and you wire them up right, everything will be fine.

    Edit: I think the system is 180w (from what I've read on other forums) but I could be wrong.
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    Andy Worcs

    Looking at changing out a buzzing speaker, did you ever get this done using the Audi Bose speakers??
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    England Mark Leicester
    I have been thinking about this mod as my passenger front speaker doesnt sound great when pushed hard. I think this is the Audi part number - 8h0035411b
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    Didn't do it in the end, after selling off my Prelude due to personal circumstances car related stuff have all kinda stopped :Frown:
    The Accord will remain totally stock now.

    However, there was a dude on type accord forum who did this - link below
    BOSE - Door Speaker Upgrade - Honda Accord Chat - TypeAccord