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    I bid on and won this a few days ago,

    Today we went down to look it over, the seller is one I have bought from before and they are simple guys who buy in bulk from auctions and sell on ebay.

    There were good and bad points... so I'll list the bad ones I found first.

    Car was covered in little spots of sticky goo... hardly a panel was free from it... Turns out it was just tree sap from where it had been parked and will clean up fine. Paintwork overall is very good for it's age, hardly a ding on the body work and all for corners were scrape free.

    Rear washer doesn't work, the wiper does... but no water. Suspect a blockage of some kind as front washers work fine... If some one could let me know if they share the same reservoir or not that would be great.

    Satnav was missing the dvd... asked about it and they found one out for me that worked... but it's really old because on the drive home it didn't have the bypass around Leighton Buzzard... and that's been there at least 6yrs. So if anyone can help me out with more upto date ones that would be great... post links, or PM me details...

    Did the diagnostic checks for the system, and everything seemed to come back green, yaw rate was good and within the recommended +/- variant of 0.01, all aerials got the green light and the screen is as perfect as it could be.

    The one big thing for me... was a discrepancy in the mileage they listed and the actual mileage on the car... I was expecting a car with 134000 on it, what I found was a car with 156000 on it. Service history was good, the first 52000 covered in roughly 12k intervals at a Honda dealer in the Reading area, then between 52k and 100k in roughly 20k intervals... then again in 9-12k intervals until 128k... there there's a 22 month gap and 24k miles added. The last service was carried out at 152000... just 4000 miles ago.

    As they'd listed it incorrectly... and as I'd only bid £1750 to win the car, they offered to knock an extra hundred of the price, and they's already agreed to a £600 trade in on my Mondeo... So the car ended up costing me £1050 (plus an £18 credit card fee).

    The good points are too many to list... seats are practically like new in spite of the mileage, car is badly in need of a full valet inside and outm we found remnants of a squashed plum stuck to the centre rear armrest... it peeled off and with some wet wipes, came up gleaming. Every nook and cranny needs tending with a toothbrush to get all the dirt and grime out of it, and some decent leather cleaner and treatment is all that's required.

    The exterior needs some stuff to get rid of the tree sap, then a good wash and polish.. and she'll gleam like a car half it's age and miles.

    Engine is nice and quiet, and pulls well once you get the revs above 2k but it drives very differently to my Mondeo TDCi, that thing was very nippy and loads of grunt low down in the rev range.. the Accord seems a little sluggish in comparison... but it's larger, heavier and has a 2.2lt engine compared to the 2lt in the Mondeo... and it's hard not to make comparisons between the two. With a service carried out just 4000 miles ago, I don't need to regard it as an absolute urgent matter... It will get done in the next couple of months, there are loads of little things I want to do.

    Electric tailgate works perfectly from the remote or the button... my dad was impressed with that, and my mum will no longer struggle to open the heavy boot lid on the old Mondeo saloon... and with all that extra boot space for her shopping and trips away. The boot lip is nice and low, so she can even get the wheelchair in and out for my dad now.

    Front seats are both electric and work perfectly, I'll be tweaking the position for days to come though... got it about 75% right at the moment.

    Tilt and slide electric sunroof works perfectly, all lights seem OK, no odd warning lights or bonging noises

    Things that disappointed.

    Lack of bluetooth or phone controls... this one surprised me as the Mondeo Ghia X I had, featured both voice controls and phone with the Denso touchscreen satnav... Not a biggie, I'll probably get a parrot kit installed a little further down the road... can already picture where it will go. :Smile:

    No mp3 playback on the sound system... I must admit this was a real disappointment as I have half a dozen discs each one with around a 100 tracks on... enough to keep me going for days without repeating a track. But on the plus side, the sound system is excellent, the little factory fitted sub in the boot producing some nice bass on the one CD I had that worked (the veronicas... don't laugh, ex left it in my old car)... another plus was the previous owner had left a full changer... it was filled with 60's70's & 80's compilations CD's.... you know the ones, they advertise on QVC and so forth... But wait... there's more. two audio books, part 2 of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows and one of the Hitchhikers guide books... so he couldn't have been all that bad... But he could have cleaned the interior more often. :Smile:

    Brakes... the discs all looked good, I felt no warping, judder or anything untoward... and pads all look like they had plenty of life in them... But there was a lack of urgency in them at higher speeds. Coming of a Motorway onto a slip road and breaking seemed fine, then felt like it faded a little at the end.

    Mileage... 22000 more than expected... but after the trade in... 1150 less an extra 100 is about an 8% discount :Smile:

    minor disappointments
    No folding mirrors as far as I can tell.
    Lack of memory for seat settings
    Audio, Satnav system is not the most intuitive to use.... but I'll adjust... however positioning of the screen is excellent and once I found a few of the settings and made some adjustments... using the satnav is quite easy once you get used to the way it works differently to my old one.... But it does like to take you on the longest, most motorway friendly journey instead of the best route... maybe there's a setting in there for that, or maybe it's because the maps must be almost 10yrs old and desperately in need of a newer disc.
    Only a 5speed gearbox... I'll miss you 6th, so great for those motorway trips on cruise control.

    Things that impressed.
    How quiet the engine was in comparison to the Mondeo
    How comfortable the seats are, both front and rear, and more sporty than those sporty seats in the Mondeo... also they seem far more sturdy and better constructed, better quality leather for example, and the seats backs around 30% thicker than my old ones.
    Ride was nice and smooth,
    Everything was within easy reach... just need to go through the manuals and figure out what everything does... seems to be some adjustment for intermittent wipers like my old Mazda (must be a Japanese thing).
    The size of the boot... and the fact it's rear cover was in perfect condition, and it's got the dog screen fitted too... not that I have a dog... but maybe if my dad plays up, we can put him back there. :Smile:

    Things on the to-do list over the next few weeks/months.
    Fit parrot kit, maybe add support for USB flash drives full of MP3's.... I have a few 8-16GB ones laying around doing nothing.
    Full service, brake fluid flush, glow plugs, all filters and power steering fluid.
    Throw on some EBC Green or Red stuff pads and see if that helps, maybe consider better discs later on too... seen mention of a brake upgrade... but I have no idea what CL7 or CL9 means yet.
    Scrub the car clean inside and out.
    Think about tinting rear windows, or adding some sunshades to make it easier for my dad back there... on the back seat, not the kennel. :Smile:

    I think that covers just about everything so far... driven roughly 100 miles in her so far and happy with the purchase and price paid...

    Will probably be bugging people for advice and help with things... can no longer crawl over or under cars much due to my own health issues... so a helping had is always welcome... bacon butties, cups of tea/coffee and perhaps a beer or three can always be provided. :Smile:

    Once she's cleaned up... I'll take some proper pictures in a nice setting and post them up... but for now... I am officially a Honda owner. :Smile:
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    Yeah the lack of Bluetooth or MP3 does suck but then it's an old car at the end of the day.

    You can buy an xcarlink kit with Bluetooth so you can do hands free, connect your iPhone and play music through that (I'm selling one btw - check out the eBay links section in classifieds for an idea of what it looks like/how it works etc).

    The Tourer is super comfortable on motorway journeys. I too used to have a Mondeo and I prefer the Accord

    Good luck with the cleaning, post up some pics when you're done!
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  3. Zebster Guest

    Well done... glad you like it (and nice write-up)!

    Front and rear washers do share the same reservoir, so blockage or pump problem. By the way, a diesel tourer is a CN2.
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    I don't do apple products.... ever. :Tongue:

    A phone is just a simple tool, and I probably replace mine every 4yrs... my current one is over 4yrs and going strong... it's only the lack of upgrades to better android OS that makes it problematic these days.. so many apps refuse to run on anything below 4.2.... My next phone will probably be a 2nd Generation Moto G, because you can't get a better phone for that kind of money... I would go pure Nexus if not for the cost... everything on a tight budget... or I might have to work properly for a living. :Smile:

    CN2... I am still none the wiser. :Tongue:

    Is there a separate motor for the rear washer? When I tested it, I couldn't hear a motor running but assumed that's because it was probably at the front and I was at the rear... Front washers work fine, although badly need adjusting as neither really hit the screen, the nearside just mists it a little and squirts over the roof and the offside just hits the washers.

    Another job... adjust washers, check for blockages and replace wiper blades with flat ones. Usually one of the first thing I do on any car along with a window treatment to help clear water.

    Oh yeah... one thing I forgot to mention that I love and have never had before... Dual zone aircon... but even better stilll aircon that actually works as it should and is icy cold rather than only cold when it's below 22 degrees outside. :Smile:
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    One extra thing... it only came with a single key and I'd like to get another... As this is a Honda only part, can anyone give me a rough idea of the cost?
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    Here's the layout/routing for the washers (all pumps are adjacent to the reservoir)...
    But it's better to use this link to the original location, with descriptions and part numbers...Honda ACCORD TOURER 2004 2.2 EXECUTIVE WINDSHIELD WASHER (DIESEL) (4) - Original Honda Parts | Lings Honda

    The model code is part of the VIN and decodes thus:-
    CL7 - Petrol 2.0 Saloon
    CL8 - Petrol 2.0 Saloon AWD
    CL9 - Petrol 2.4 Saloon

    CM1 - Petrol 2.0 Tourer
    CM2 - Petrol 2.4 Tourer
    CM3 - Petrol 2.4 Tourer AWD

    CN1 - Diesel 2.2 Saloon
    CN2 - Diesel 2.2 Tourer
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    niether do i they give me wind i much prefer a nice juicy pear:Wink:
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    Folding mirror switch on driver door switch panel, sat nav gives you choice of 5 different routes, tho' depends on age of car, PFL or FL. Don't get a copy disc of maps as the lens is sensitive to non-OEM discs. Keys ar available from dealers, but 2nd hand keys will still need programming by dealer.
    There are some posts as stickies that act as guides for owners of Accords on HK, I am sure one of the forum staff can help here.

    I used to have a 2004 730d before my Accord, the honda beats the german car easily in the real world of motoring .
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    Lovely... will print out those tomorrow and have a quick look... and I understand how the numbering now thanks... So front brakes from a CL9 are a little bigger and more powerful... and should fit the CN2... Something to consider when I come to replacing the discs/pads. I think I saw somewhere that there's a refurbishment/return service that's quite reasonable... It's been a few years since I did the brakes on a car... are there any special tools required (there were for rear brakes on the Mondy). I normally tend to buy parts myself and have a good little garage near me that does little jobs like that for just £40 p/h labour... unlike the £40 per half hr most places charge.

    Aside from the window controls, there are three buttons/switches. One isolates the rear windows so they can't be opened (didn't check the front passenger one yet), one locks/unlocks the car and the third operates the mirror adjustment. As far as I can tell it has three settings, to the right you adjust the offside mirror, to the left the nearside mirror and in the centre it does nothing... stops you from accidentally adjusting mirros. On my mondeo, it you centered the switch then pushed downwards on it... the mirrors folded in against the car... these don't as far as I have been able to see so far.

    On my old MX6, I fitted a pair of import mirrors, and then wired them into a relay so that they folded in out with the ignition on/off... and some one on the Ford forums made a simple system like that you could wire into the mondeo to do the same. I must admit it's one of those things I really liked on my Mazda and certainly one of the better mods I did. :Smile:

    Further investigation with the car today... a much closer inspection of the bodywork... a few stone chips on the front and a small scuff just above the rear wheelarch... well, three very small scuffs that seem to be more paint than damage, it feels smooth, so maybe it's paint from another vehicle.

    I got some autoglym tar remover and some interior shampoo... only did a few test spots but the tree sap (if that's what it is) did come of with lots of gentle circular action... But I don't think they're fresh, some of them when removed look like they left impressions in the lacquer/clear coat and one or two so far may even have gone through it. I'll know more as I clean it all off and it might be worth getting a pro to give it a full mopping.

    I dug out the interior maps from the boot... rear 2 are in nearly new condition, passenger is in decent condition but filthy and the drivers one has a nice hold in right in front of the clutch... Hardly surprising at 156k. :Smile:

    Headlights on both sides are pretty scratched, but on the drivers side there is a lot of fogging and discolouration... Not uncommon with these plastic ones... Will the old toothpaste trick work, or is this a common thing that requires stripping them apart to treat from the inside.

    Still looking for info on what versions of maps will work with the system? Is there a database to check system info against... I know how to get into the system diags and can make a note of stuff if I know what to look for. These maps are so old... they won't even be able to find my house as the road going to it wasn't built until 2009 and these maps are probably 2005 or 2006 based on the missing bypass we used the other day. :Smile:

    So many questions... so many toys to play with. :Smile:
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    I was looking at the parrot kits too and one has SD slot, so you can fill it up with music and never have to worry about CD's again... But need to investigate if it'll work of the steering controls... The xcarlink looks good... but I read something about it not being 'android' friendly, but can't remember where now.

    Stereo wiring I've done many times... much simpler times... when there weren't satnavs and A/C controls built into them... So might leave that to a pro when I decide on what to get.
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    @Heckler create yourself a Club Garage entry for your car and all the above info and question can then go in there (I can move the relavent posts from the above over your Club Garage once you have created it).

    This way you will have a detailed record of what you have done to your car all in one place.

    I am sure that auto power folding mirrors have been discussed on here before with diagrams.
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    Actually no, the diesel has the same brakes as the 2.4... it may be a little slower, but it's heavier (which I guess is the logic!). You don't need any special tools for doing work on the brakes (i.e. no wind-back tool needed for tourer rear brakes, unlike the saloon).

    Not worth upgrading the brakes, in my opinion, unless you're planning to do some sort of motorsport, towing or driving down long mountain passes. The standard ones readily cause the wheels lock up, and you can't improve upon that without also improving tyre grip (and 'upgrading' can cause brakes to become unbalanced, non-progressive and even snatchy).
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    Sounds like you have found yourself a nice car @Heckler :Thumbup:

    Bit of a shame about the mileage discrepancy, but to be charitable, if they have a lot of cars I can see how mistakes can be made...but the deal sounds like it made up for it!

    ^^ One question you had on your other post was about boot liners. I can tell you, from experience having had the genuine Honda accessory for my Accord and now having the CR-V version that they are excellent - they fit perfectly, and take quite a bit of abuse without issue.

    The genuine version is more expensive, but they do come up from time to time on eBay or you could use the Holdcroft Honda discount and see how much they can sort you one for.

    The link below is from the HH eBay shop.

    On the other hand, another member may have a non-genuine (and cheaper!) alternative that they can recommend from experience.

    ^^I'm technically pretty inept, and had struggled with a Samsung Android phone for a couple of years. Then I tried an iPhone and have never looked back...:Grin:
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    Honda Accord Help here: if you get stuck there are plenty of minds to pick on here, lol :welcome::goodluck::BavarianTractor::gotcha:
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    OK, good to know... I shall stick to my original plan of fitting uprated discs and some EBC green or red stuff pads... No plans for towing (no rear hitch fitted) so no need to fit a towbar, and I think I'm done with trips to the nurburgring... My old Mazda managed it in about 9:30 around there... but to be honest the driver ran out of nerve before the car did grip... but got from around 11:30 down to around 9:30 in 7 laps, so that was pretty good I thought.

    I've seen some moulded ones for around the £30 mark that should do the trick.. non OEM I know... But not everything needs to be due to the cost.. I'd much rather get decent parts for maintenance and save a few quid on minor things like this.

    As for the phones, I'm an IT guy so although I've been out of the loop for a while I can still figure out most things... and I'm one of those blokes who only picks up the manual when I get stuck... So far I have yet to read any of the manuals for the car or satnav system. :Smile:
    Cheers, will check it out. :Smile:
    - - - Updated - - -
    One last thing I forgot to mention that surprised me.

    There is no spare tyre, but the original factory kit of compressor, tools, jack and what looks like tyre filling foam/sealant is still in the boot... and it all looks unused.

    I must confess, not overly happy because if you use the foam, it means replacing the tyre... and if there's only a minor puncture that can be repaired I'd rather do that than spend on a brand new one. It's got Michelin boots on, and I don't like mixing and matching tyres on the same axle.
  15. Zebster Guest

    Replacing that bottle of latex with a standard wheel (bought from eBay) was one of the very first things I did after I bought mine way back in 2008. If you pull out all the packing stuff in the spare wheel well then you should find a jack, wheel brace and a base to screw in a wheel clamp (although I've never had a wheel clamp). I'm not sure how well a 17" wheel fits in there, but my 16" wheel fits with plenty of space.
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    Yeah, will look into that... I forgot to take some pics as the boot has a wheelchair in it at the moment... spent 2hrs trying to clean off tree sap that's all over the car... and did about 20% of it.

    If I recall, there's another piece under the boot carpet and if you remove that (I think it's a formed piece of hard polystyrene or plastic) there should be enough room for a space saver or hopefully a full sized spare. The kit that's fitted is pushed to the rear of the wheel well in it's own formed poly housing... there may even be room for a space saver and the kit itself. You can see the fitting at the bottom you would clamp the wheel with... looks as fresh as the day it rolled of the line... I'm not sure the previous owner ever even looked in there. :Smile:

    I'll post up some pics and questions in a more specific thread regarding the satnav... as ebay is filled with different versions/years and so forth and I want to make sure I get one compatible with the unit.

    For now... here's a few shots of the before after with the tree sap. on the roofline... kinda did half and left half... needed a break as it's really, really hot here today.

    Used some of the autoglym intensive tar removal fluid, cost about £7 for the bottle and I may need 2 of them to do the whole car. Sadly there is some lacquer damage under the tree sap after removal... but no paint damage. A professional mop and cutting compound, then polish may help with that... we'll see further down the road.

    You can see how bad the headlights are in one, and found a cracked fog light that I missed the other day when buying it... Hard to spot every single tiny detail.

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    It may be quicker and more effective to try using a clay bar on the car - that will take everything off and allow you to start again.

    I wouldn't normally recommend Halfords, but this Megs kit is a good starting point and available quickly over the counter. If you can wait, much better to get the Bilt-Hamber clay online - and that only needs water to lubricate, so is much much cheaper.

    Auto-Clay Soft | Decontaminate Paintwork using Auto-Clay Bar
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    The Xcarlink I'm selling is only for iOS devices really. They do make a different kit for USB and SD cards I think; check their website out for further details - iPod CD changer adapter, VW iPod, Music Link, xCarLink

    Also, re the headlights, you need to replace the bag of silica beads inside the units.

    Look at my project log below for more details as I've suffered the same problem with my driver's side headlight lens.
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    Cheers, I'll look into that... I've just spent £14 on cleaners, so I think I'll pass on the halfords kit... will probably find the same thing on ebay for half the price... because Halfords can be really pricey on certain items... yet cheap on others.

    I might try out the Bilthamber stuff as it's only £10... Might help get rid of those little rings where I've removed the sap... I figure it's going to take me a good 8-10hrs to get them all off, and thankfully there are no trees outside my house to cause more of it. :Smile:

    I'll take a look at your project later, as yours is about the same age as mine and a similar colour I think... I haven't checked out the paint code for mine yet but it's a lovely deep metallic blue and the metallic bits seem to act like a prism, far more than my old Mondeo's metallic paint did... that was more silvery flecks, this is multicoloured which looks lovely in sunlight... The only problem with darker cars is they show up dirt quicker... My jet black Mazda showed up every spec of dust and it was a 4hr jobs cleaning it almost every weekend during the summer... when I replaced it with a silver one... once a month was fine. :Smile:

    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of adding a dedicated USB charging port/dock so that phones/tablet get the full charge rather than a trickle one. If I could hide one or two below the DVD drive flap, there's space to plug one of my USB3 16GB sticks, and whilst 16gb is only about 10% of my music collection (I only rip at 320) it's more than enough suitable driving music, and then I can keep the CD changer free for music that my folks like, they can bring along their own CD's as I don't have anything suitable really... I'm fine with late 50's and 60's stuff they like... but I draw the line at country music. :Smile:

    2 ports sounds good, one for the music and one for the phone.