Suspension, Steering and Brakes Brake callipers replaced under warranty?

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    I have a Honda Happiness warranty and recently found that one of my brake callipers had seized. Honda say this is a wear item so it is not covered. I am disputing this as it is clearly a mechanical part. Has anyone had this problem with Honda?
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    How old is your car and when was it registered first?
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    I had this issue when I first had the Accord. My rear caliper (offside) was stuck.

    Took the car in, 5 mins later, service manager agreed to replace. This was while the car was under the original three year warranty, not the Honda Happiness one, so not sure what semantics are involved - but if you can argue it to your dealer - do so. And, escalate to Honda UK as well. can't see why it shouldnt be fixed to be honest.
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    Car was registered in 2008. Warranty is until 25th may 2013. Car has done 61000. T&c say it covers all mechanical and electrical but not wear items. Wear related to brakes is classed as brake friction surfaces. I think they class callipers as a wear item for some reason. Surely it is a mechanical item that operates the wear item.

    I have also escalated to Honda. However they tried to palm me off by telling me to contact the dealer as it is down to them.

    I have been quoted 540 for one calliper. Starting to feel very differently about Honda trust is waning.
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    That being the case - may be worthwhile contacting another dealer - if only to see what response you get. As for Honda UK, you should have asked them (if you havent already) just what it is that their extended warranty covers - ask them to spell it out in black-n-white.
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    £540 for a caliper is a rip off try another dealer for the warranty work and if still no joy then go for a reconditioned caliper or even get yours repaired but whatever happens I personally would not spend £540 on a caliper!
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    If your car has full Honda service history try asking for a goodwill payment towards the cost. £540 is a lot for a caliper, is it made of gold?
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    I will be asking them to spell it out and I will let you know. My feeling on the matter is if I bought my car from the dealer today in its current state with a warranty and all the callipers seized a month later I would be looking to pay £2200 plus pads and disks. That's a big bill which you would hope a warranty would cover. If it doesn't then I think people should know. I've had another quote of 399 from a Honda specialist.
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    If the caliper is not covered, then if I were you, I would ask for my money back on the extended warranty.

    Because if it doesnt cover a moving part (that is not associated with wear/tear like wipers or tyres are for example), then just what exactly are you paying for? Sounds like the garage is copping out and whomever you spoke to at Honda UK had an attitude that stank of "I can't be bothered to help, its Friday and I want to go home".

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    I was transferred to an Indian call centre who just read from scripts. Another shocker!!
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    Speak to seniority at Honda UK.
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    Its all really down to the warranty small print. If brake calipers are grouped with brakes, clutches, tyres etc as wear and tear, then this is why it isnt covered.

    You signed to warranty so you have entered into that contract, unfortunately the caliper isnt covered.
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    I don't believe it is grouped with brake pads as it states in the small print that wear on "brake friction surfaces" will not be covered.
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    I personally think they are bang out of order. What next, the engine won't be covered because piston rings can wear out !!!
    I'm not a mechanic and even I know that the brake calliper is not a wear item. Discs and pads yes, but not the calipers.
  15. nargordon Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Apparently it's grey area, but it seems pretty black and white.
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    I remember the ECU Update to stop my Ford Mondeo from cutting out whilst driving wasn't covered through the 3rd party warranty. I found it kind of strange as it wasn't an enhancement but a safety requirement. In my eyes there was an inherent fault with the design of the car, specifically the ECU. I ended up having to pay.

    When looking for an Accord I started at the main dealers but was told quite clearly by Honda UK HQ that diagnosis is not covered, which I can understand otherwise people would be in for the least wee thing. However, should a fault be found then any diagnosis fee should be refunded but it isn't. What's worse is that they said it's not a fixed diagnosis charge, unlike that major 3rd party warranty people (AutoProtect?) who only charge a one off fee of £75.

    So in other words Honda could diagnose for as long as they want until the cost of the actual repair is covered through diagnosis charges. It put me right off their Honda Happiness Warranty. They also insist that the car must be serviced by a Honda Main Dealer (I'm not sure if this is actually legal though) so it makes me wonder how much confidence they have in their own servicing when they won't refund diagnostic fees when a fault is found.

    Personally, I think that anything that's not part of the official service schedule should be covered by the warranty, but that's just me! lol
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    Thank you for sharing that with us.I was going to take out an extended warranty to cover me for any possible DPF problems,but i don't think i will bother now.
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    Well looks like Honda are going to replace my calliper after showing them the original contract and terms and conditions great news! My only concern now is that the fault caused the wear on my brakes which I needed to replace so technically that work should be covered too. Should I go the distance or quit while I'm semi ahead? Anyway in the mean time lesson here make sure you keep all paperwork relating to warranties to ensure there are no 'misunderstandings' as it is clear that you will pay through the nose for 'grey' areas!
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    I would get them to change the calipers, discs and pads. The latter two would not be damaged if the caliper was fine so you shouldnt have to pay for a fault that your warranty covers.

    I don't care who the car maker is - the fact remains the caliper was not right - any damage to the pads/discs should be compensated as a direct result for the caliper fault. No two ways about it.