Bulletins & Advisories Brake Judder when Brakes are Hot

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    Honda have issued the following TSB#HUK000000000018 dated 07-03-03 for the Stream RN1 & RN3 for model year 2001 & 2002.

    Vibrations are felt while braking, usually from high speed with hot brakes.

    The design used for the Stream front brake discs have a low resistance to thermal distortion.

    A revised brake disc section shape has been introduced for 02YM.

    Application to Production Line
    All 02YM and onwards will have the new design brake discs fitted on production.

    Determine the type of brake discs fitted to the car by using the following identification illustration >>>>
    stream brake.
    A - Thickness 7mm
    B - Thickness 8mm
    C - Gap 9mm
    D - Gap 7mm
    E - Material thickness increased
    F - 01 YM
    G - 02 YM
    Measure the run out of the front brake discs. If it is determined that the brake judder is due to brake disc distortion, and the car is equipped with 01YM type discs then replace both the front discs and brake pads with 02YM type parts.

    Repair Method
    Repair to be carried out on customer complaint only. Replace the front brake discs and pads with 02YM parts as shown in the shop manual

    Parts Information
    45251-S7A-E10: Front brake disc
    45022-S7A-E50: Front pad set