Service & Maintenance brake master cylinder

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    Just found out my brake master cylinder has to be replaced at a cost of €350.00. Wanted to know if they go often and are they easy to do yourself. At the same time my braking is perfect I'm not losing brake fluid it's just that the pedal will travel very slowly to the ground but will not touch the ground. Any help would be much appreciated
    Sorry forgot to say its a 08 honda accord 2.2 ICTDI. 7 generation.
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  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Clutch master cylinders yes but I can't recall a brake master cylinder mentioned as failed on this site.

    Should be a fairly straight forward job though. You will need to bleed the system afterwards.
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    Thanks for reply. Does anyone know where I can buy brake master cylinder for 08 accord because over here in Ireland some people are looking for mad money just to bring it in.
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    I would be really surprise your master brake cylinder is damaged unless you have never ever changed the brake fluid on this car.

    How sure are you the diagnosis is correct have all the basics been done? I mean nuts and bolt basic mickey mouse checks.