Suspension, Steering and Brakes brake noise normal?

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by gongoozler, Tuesday 23rd Jul, 2013.

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    Another little query!
    I have been through the posts, and there is nothing I can see on brake noise. I get a noise on the brakes every day when i move off and for a while after...similar (identical) to the noise you often get when the discs have got a little rusty, but more so than any other car I have this usual on the CR-V ??
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    I have the same, but it's an Accord 2011 petrol.
    Had similar noise on French cars, 2 Civics...
    My discs always get a bit rusty, not only when it's been raining on the car, but even so after washing, a damp misty morning, or simply to long standing outside.
    Did your other cars also had 4 disc brakes? It's a bit louder with discs at the rear also.
    I don't have the impression it's better or worser with this Accord. Can't speak for CR-V's...
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    When were the pads last changed ? Could be the tread wear indicators making the noise or even worse the pad has worn down to metal !!

    Alternatively it could be that the callipers are binding, an overhaul of the brakes should fix this.
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    Thanks for the replies, Its my first Honda, but by no means my first car with discs all round. Its also very new to me...just checked the dealers report sheet and they say the pads are all only 20% worn, so i assume it's just a characteristic? Can you determine if the calipers are binding without going back to the dealer ?...mind you I can hear the noise front and back so it looks like it just me!!!
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    You can do one test to exclude the brakes are sticking: make a drive of a few miles and check if one of the rims is definitely warmer than the others.
    But honestly, I wouldn't worry to much. Maybe in CR-V this kind of noise is more noticeable because it's a '5 door' lay out?
    Confirmation: the noise always disappears after 2 or 3 times braking? If so, it's most likely a thin layer of rust that gets scrapped off. Same with my cars.
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    Give the brakes a couple of really hard braking goes and make sure nothing is behind you when braking ,additionally DO not come to a complete standstill and don't hold the brake pedal when you have stopped.

    That should blow away any rust or brake dust build up,another handy tip when washing the car with a jet wash get the spray on the callipers and keep on spraying until the water is clear.

    I get no noises on my accord 7th and 8th and any hint of Noise means your brakes will need a strip clean and lube.
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    I've noticed that first applications of the brakes make a fair bit of noise, but i put that down to having cold discs and also having 4 of them. When the discs warm up with use the noise is normal.