Suspension, Steering and Brakes Brake pad shims

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    Hello fellas,just developed a slight squeal on front right brake, pads new just before purchased car, quick look today revealed no caliper shims or carriers, does anyone know if shims can be bought ,if so where from, many thanks
  2. Howdy, if you buy Honda pads the shims come with them, otherwise you could maybe buy 3M cut-out & stick on ones from ebay, or just try using copper grease and see if that cures it without putting shims on.
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    Are these pads genuine of aftermarket,the 7th Generation front pads does not have any shims the inner pad toward the piston has a three prong clips which sits inside the piston.

    Aftermarket one are known to sequel more than OEM ones,additionally if it is incorrectly set on the piston it makes it worse, lube and cleaning will have it working good.
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    Hello sayama,put copper grease on back of pads earlier,just wondering if i could get carriers that fit in calipers.done the wifes Jazz brakes, all had shims and carriers, none on my accord.
  5. CJ is right mate, no shims on the fronts, I was getting mixed up with the rears, there are no carriers available either from Honda but genuine pads should fit okay.

    did you use genuine Honda & whereabouts did you put the grease on?